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who makes a Mac/65+DDT cart conversion for MyIDE II?
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Author:  Sysop*Marius [ Sun Feb 10, 2013 5:10 pm ]
Post subject:  who makes a Mac/65+DDT cart conversion for MyIDE II?


For AtariMax 1Mbit flash cards there is this Mac/65 + DDT cart.

For MyIDE 1Mbit there was years ago this great MyBIOS 3.5F + OSS carts combination.

I have been investigating these two and I think it must be possible to put that binary data from that image also on the Flash of MyIDE ][ ... (Using an hexeditor of a 512KB bin file; and then put it back using the USB programmer). I think I have to write a custom .XEX file that sets the start-bank of the FLASH and there I go.

Problem is, that I simply do not understand how the bankswitching works yet.

I need good documentation of the bankswitching for MaxFlash 1Mbit cart. I can not find it. I have seen the really good documentation for the old perl script engine. But still that is more a tutorial than in depth information.

Is there any more better information available how to use the 'keyholes thing' that is described in the technical details about MyIDE ][ cart?

I would love to have more detailed information. I think I would be able to create some cool things for MyIDE ][ if I knew a little more.

In the meantime: if someone else could convert the Mac/65 + DDT card in something that works (it would even be COOLER if it loaded from the FAT32 loader!) than I would be more than happy.

Thanks in advance!

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