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Ramdisks with MyIDE-II
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Author:  thewhiz [ Wed Jun 26, 2013 5:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Ramdisks with MyIDE-II

A Ramdisk question (or two):

If I have expanded ram in an XL/XE and I use the standard "RAMBOOT.SYS" ramdisk software, then MyDos appears to setup and execute its regular ramdisk.

If I use the MyIDE-II ramdisk method and setup the 4086 ramdisk as a high capacity drive (D8:) then I would get the MyIDE SRAM ramdisk. With the MyIDE ramdisk, the user would need to format the D8: ramdisk each time it it booted. (Is that correct?) But if using the MyIDE ramdisk, one must use MEM.SAV if you want to get your (BASIC) or other program back without reloading.

Although it seems that the user could have both ramdisks, making the MyDos ramdisk D7: or other drive than D8:, that doesn't seem to quite work -- the two won't co-exist. (Is that also correct?)


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