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how to add reset button to myide cartridge
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Author:  Sysop*Marius [ Fri Apr 18, 2014 12:50 pm ]
Post subject:  how to add reset button to myide cartridge


The only thing missing on a MyIDE (both 1 and 2) cart missing is a reset button. On setups with MyBIOS in ROM there is (even when the atari crashed) the possibility to reboot the atari without powercycle.

On stock atari, unfortunately when the atari crashed, or in a few other circumstances there is a power cycle needed, which loses ramdisk content.

I'm pretty sure I have read somewhere a workaround for this. I do not want to mod my atari, but I want to mod the MyIDE interface. I can imagine that a little switch that interrupts +5v, will do the trick.
Are there perhaps better ways of doing this?

I think a reset button is a fantastic upgrade. I love to code on my atari, but coding means also a lot of freezing atari's ... so any help or suggestions are highly appreciated.

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