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 Post subject: MyBIOS -RAM / -ROM, the next generation ATARI-OS :-)
PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 4:39 am 
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On my homepage, you find this.
Please consult the read-me/txt/doc files.

Latest version #4 now online.

02-02-2018 V04
Changed, upgraded ATBasic to 1.55
-changed, version 4
-added, one try to connect with 112k (115k2 baud)
-fixed, corrected user feedback from keyklick to beep.
-fixed, serin-routine wrapping on a page-boundary, wasting cycles.
-removed, usage of wsync in SIO-wait routines.
-changed, version 3
-fixed, on-the-fly, menu changes and coldstart did not accept this.
-fixed, activity LED stays ON, remove DRQ on partial sectors.
-changed, moved MyIDE-buffer, fixes some illegal stack-usage.

07-07-2017 V03
-changed, version 3
-changed, welcome screen layout and controls (removed "S").
-added, conditional toggling of BASIC.
-removed, conditional SIO2BT-support, now always supported.
-fixed, flaky powerup with myide-][ inserted (on realhardware).
-updated, MyBIOS manual.
-changed, version 2
-added, reset MyIDE-II in the MAIN MENU
-added, experimentel: search first 32k memory for possible DLIST if shadow-registers are zero (STAR RAIDERS)
-fixed, keep changes made in the main menu
-unlocked, MAIN MENU S(ave) and L(oad): 64k user RAM, PORTB and MyIDE-settings.

27-06-2017 V02
Reprogrammed most of the bootloader routines since they were corrupted.
So a fresh start (again).....
-changed, welcome screen layout and controls
-changed, MyBIOS version -02
-changed, MyIDE PLUGIN version -1
-fixed, some SIO time-out error/handling
-fixed, SIO2BT support with 850 bootstrap-support


20-06-2017 V01
-added, support for relocate-able BIOS.PAC on flash-content (custom MCW-usage).
-added, HELP-key as reboot/backdoor-entry, when no MyIDE PLUG-IN is loaded.
-added, optional separation, MyBIOS-RAM and MyIDE PLUG-IN.
-added, optional support, MyBIOS-ROM uses MyIDE PLUG-IN from MyBIOS-RAM.PAC
-added, show CAR when MyIDE-][ is in use as (emulated) cartridge or such.
-added, Show Vx (version) of MyIDE PLUG-IN when loaded.
-removed, need of hidden MENU's on flash-content (custom MCW-usage).
-fixed, boot-error retry/reload handling.
-fixed, several RESET-issues regarding "safe handling" under the running software.
-changed, SIO2BT-support less retries (takes too long) but breaks 850 bootloader support.
-changed, WIP to Vxx (version).
-updated, MyBIOS manual

-uploaded, MyBIOS manual.

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