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130XE with OS-B Programs Help
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Author:  atrionfo [ Tue Jan 07, 2014 3:23 pm ]
Post subject:  130XE with OS-B Programs Help


I'm making myself a new 8Mb image for my Flashcart using the Cartridge Studio 2.3. I'll be using it on an Atari 130XE. I'm able to preview the cart using Atari800WinPlus 4.1. All the non-OS-B games on the Flashcarts the I burn work well. I'm running into trouble with the cartridge games that require OS-B. I thought that I could use one of the two "Soft OS Options" included with Cartridge Studio, but neither of these seems to make a difference when I try the games. Here are the games (among others) that I'm trying to put on the cart:

1) Defender
2) Donkey Kong
3) Gyruss
4) Ms. Pac-Man
5) Shamus
6) Spy Hunter
7) Wizard of Wor

All of these games start to some degree on my real 130XE except for Spy Hunter which just gives a blank black screen. Ms. Pac-Man even allows me to play the game, but the ghosts move FAR to fast to allow you to play more than a few seconds (it's actually pretty neat to see... for a moment).

Do I need to find disk versions of these games and then try the OS-B fix? Do the OS-B fixes not work on machines with extra RAM like the 130XE? What am I doing wrong? What is the fix for this?

Thanks for the help.


Author:  _The Doctor__ [ Thu Jan 16, 2014 3:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 130XE with OS-B Programs Help

Are you setting the osb toggle on each game image?
It's been a while but I had to do it for each file that needed it, then I ran on real hardware and all was fine after that.

Author:  atrionfo [ Thu Jan 16, 2014 4:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 130XE with OS-B Programs Help

_The Doctor__ wrote:
Are you setting the osb toggle on each game image?

Thanks for answering. Yes, I did set the OS-B setting and it didn't help. When I didn't get a reply in a few days, I asked this question over at AtariAge and I got an answer there. I discovered the reason for the problem is that I was using the original 16K cartridge images of these games.

If you're interested in seeing the complete answer, plus versions of these games that will work with the AtariMax Flashcart, then check out the link on AtariAge:

There are some interesting comments here that may help others if they are have trouble with OS-B games too.

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