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Atari Portfolio Flash Cartridge or more accuratly CF adapter
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Author:  rcamp48 [ Wed Apr 08, 2020 9:10 am ]
Post subject:  Atari Portfolio Flash Cartridge or more accuratly CF adapter

This is my idea, it originally came from Klaus from Germany, but i have pictures of the Atari Portfolio in use with a mock up board, (the board works, the parallel interface needs to be modded yet)...I thought this might be right up your alley Steve and others, once I get the unit finished and complete I will test it fully.

Here are some pictures of the prototype with the CF to IDE adapter hooked up, it uses two 5 volt power supplies, (not in the picture but all set up). One for the CF adapter the other for the Parallel to IDE adapter.

Untitled 3.jpg

Untitled 2.jpg

Untitled 1.jpg

A friend of mine will be designing he final circuitry for the Parallel to IDE part , I have a few IDE to CF adapter on order , everything is looking good from now on, and the parallel interface can be used for other purposes such as Trans-folio.

Hope this meets your requirements for posting Steve if anything its interesting , I hope to have a modded interface soon... Russ Campbell

PS: I am out of everything 8 bit and ST for now , concentrating on the Atari Porftolio at the moment.

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