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building an archival station for a museum
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Author:  bloopmuseum [ Mon Jun 14, 2021 8:30 pm ]
Post subject:  building an archival station for a museum

Hi, I'm a museum and building an archival station for cartridges, so I will probably be purchasing a programmer and a bunch of adapters soon. I've searched around but not really seen answers to my questions (did see a few unanswered threads):

1. are generally most bankswitching/memory mapping techniques handled? I might have to dump some weird cartridges.

2. is dumping/programming ok in linux? I don't need a beautiful, user-friendly interface, I just need it to work.

3. is there a cheaper or better solution for archiving that supports lots of different carts/systems? if I can program that's great but archival is most important right now.

thanks for any answers or suggestions!

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