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 Post subject: Possible to add-on a RESET-circuit to the flashcart?
PostPosted: Mon Oct 12, 2009 11:24 am 

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I got my Maxflash USB programmer today and does some playing around with some files and discs. It´s very nice to add a whole ATR-Image to the flashcart.

Steven: You should add the info to the manual, that only ATR-files with non-highspeed-SIO routines works well. DOS 2.5 or XDOS24N works perfectly - but the HCI 1050 DOS or XDOS24F (Fast version with highspeed-sio-routines in it) couldn´t work - any programmer or atari-hardware-freak should imagine why this happens, but not for "the user only".

Ok, to my question. With the Maxflash programmed flashcart of course the same problems occur with any other switchable/bankswitching-type cart: When the desired program/game is "loaded", not the initial bank is activated, so after a RESET the cart is not longer recognized - a basic POKE 54528,x will help, but it should be make better.

Is it possible to add a "RESET-circuit" to the flashcart? The most "xx-games-in-one" carts have a button to RESET the cart on top of the cart-case itself. Normally this only resets the GALs/PALs oder PLDs using a small resistor and a cap. Possible to the flashcarts also? I have an older black-cased 8 MBit one.

If this is not possible, I think you can add a workaround? For example, when starting the final code, copy a few bytes at the end of the stack ($0100 up). These few bytes make a STA $D500, jump into the final code and after pressing reset the cart-menu appears again.

When emulation ROMs, this is not possible, of course. But when emulation Files and ATRs - it should be working.

Please correct me, if I´m wrong - and excuse my english.

Regards, Juergen

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 18, 2009 4:57 am 
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Hi Juergen,

In the documentation section about possible problems with ATR files, the issue with modified OS/SIO is mentioned along with a few others. ... pter7.html

Because there is no /RESET signal to the cartridge port it is not practical to have a software reset, other than a power-on reset for 8-bit cartridges.

You could add your own reset switch by interrupting the power to the cartridge port or the power trace on the cartridge, which will force the cartridge back to the default bank. Pressing reset after that may return you to the menu, if the OS stopped due to the cartridge interlock code.

It is possible to add the code you mentioned, but it might decrease compatibility with some games. There are also only a few bytes of space left in the EXE loader code, which might be a problem.


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