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Atari 800 translator
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Author:  8-bit [ Fri Mar 02, 2012 3:15 am ]
Post subject:  Atari 800 translator

I stumbled across a type in program to make a home made 800 translator for use with the 800XL and above.
I created it using the Atari++ emulator I had compiled for linux by selecting the 800 OS and running the program from a MYDOS45 atr image.
The file in is MYDOS.ATR and it contains the translator as an autorun.sys file along with the basic program I used to create it.
I created a true disk from the image and tested it on an Atari 65XE with MISSPAC (Miss Pacman).
Without the translator in the demo mode, the pac person would cross solid boundries. But with the translator installed, the game worked as it should.
To use it, boot the translator with Option held to start. Then switch to your game disk and load the game with the L option in MyDos45.

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