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 Post subject: Wonderful Atari 8-Bit Games, Vol. 4
PostPosted: Tue Nov 11, 2014 1:26 pm 

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I'm finished with my fourth compilation of games for the AtariMax 8Mbit flashcart. The last three compilations (Wonderful Atari 8-Bit Games, Vol. 1-3 were released on July 7, 2010, January 22, 2014, and November 11, 2014 (today), respectively.

"Wonderful Atari 8-Bit Games, Vol. 1" is available here:

"Wonderful Atari 8-Bit Games, Vol. 2" is available here:

"Wonderful Atari 8-Bit Games, Vol. 3" is available here:

Like the first three compilations, this fourth compilation has been created for use with my unmodified NTSC Atari 130XE. It has been tested to work with that hardware, but most (all?) games should work with a machine with less memory. A few of these games are PAL, but they work fine on NTSC hardware except for the expected faster gameplay speed.

This compilation has the following 37 games on it:

01) Astro Chase (1982)(First Star Software)
02) Bandits (1982)(Sirius Software)
03) Beef Drop (2005)(Ken Siders) - Demo Version
04) Boulder Dash Construction Kit (1986)(Epyx)
05) Canyon Climber (1982)(Datasoft)
06) Castle Crisis (2004)(Bryan Edewaard) - Paddles Only
07) Caterpiggle (1982)(APX, Scott Ludwig)
08) Chicken (1982)(Synapse Software) - Paddles/Joy
09) Chomper (1981)(MMG Micro Software)
10) Chopper Hunt (1984)(Imagic)
11) Da' Fuzz (1983)(Roklan Corp.) - Prototype
12) Flip and Flop (1983)(First Star Software)
13) Frogger II, Sewer Level (1984)(Parker Brothers) - Unreleased
14) Galactic Chase (1981)(Spectrum Computers)
15) Hacker (1985)(Activision)
16) Kaboom! (1983)(Activision) - Paddles Only
17) Megalegs (1982)(Megasoft)
18) Meteorites (1983)(Electra Concepts) - 5200 Version
19) Missile Command (1981)(Atari)
20) Mouskattack (1981)(Sierra On-Line)
21) MULE (1983)(Electronic Arts)
22) Pharaoh's Curse, The (1983)(Synapse Software)
23) Ridiculous Reality Final (2012)(Matosimi)
24) Salmon Run (1982)(APX, Bill Williams)
25) Slinky! (1983)(Cosmi)
26) Snake Byte (1981)(Sirius)
27) Space Dungeon (1983)(Atari) - 5200 Version
28) Spelunker (1984)(Broderbund Software)
29) Springer (1983)(Tigervision)
30) Squish'em (1983)(Sirius Software)
31) Star Island (1982)(Binary Computer Software)
32) Star Raiders (1979)(Atari)
33) Super Breakout (1979)(Atari) - Paddles Only
34) Tower Topper (1988)(Atari) - Beta
35) TrailBlazer (1986)(Mindscape) - PAL
36) Turmoil (1982)(Sirius Software)
37) Zybex (1988)(Zeppelin Games) - PAL

I've attached a file to this posting called "Wonderful Atari 8-Bit Games, Vol 4(AtariMax 8Mb FlashCart).zip." The files included in the archive are:

1) Read Me.txt - A file describing the contents of the archive.

2) Wonderful Atari 8-Bit Games, Vol 4atr - ATR image suitable for use with an Atari MaxFlash 8Mbit cartridge.

3) Wonderful Atari 8-Bit Games, Vol 4mcw - Maxflash Cartridge Sudio workbook suitable for use with an Atari MaxFlash 8Mbit cartridge. This is included in case the user wants to modify the games included in this compilation.

4) Wonderful Atari 8-Bit Games, Vol 4rtf - A listing of the 37 games included on the cartridge.

5) Directory called "All Games in this Compilation" - All 37 of the files that are included on this AtariMax 8Mbit FlashCart games compilation are available in this directory as separate files of various sorts, including ATR, COM, ROM and XEX files. These files will allow the user to use just a few of the files in their own compilation if they choose to make their own ATR or workbook.

I'd be interested to hear any feedback about trouble that anyone may encounter.

Thanks for looking... and...


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