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sio2pc and old-style menu disks
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Author:  brenski [ Tue Sep 02, 2014 1:48 am ]
Post subject:  sio2pc and old-style menu disks

hi, am hoping someone can help: (my sio2pc is USB version, and have APE/prosystem)

is there a way to transfer xex, com and bin files to the 1050 using sio2pc - but doing this in old-style menus; ian-k, alpha load and RobC?
what i'd like to do is:
1. create blank ATRs of each of the above menus
2. copy xex,bin or com files to each blank menu
3. transfer these as a new updated ATR direct to 1050 to create a 5¼ floppy games menu disk

i suppose the first stage is to create blank menu floppies - which i can do; then how do i transfer these as ATRs to the PC using sio2pc
if this is possible, is there an "idiots guide" available

alternatively, is there a way to copy xex, bin or com files direct to a 1050 5¼ floppy? ie as single files to add to a DOS or other disk, using the sio2pc as a direct transfer?

many thanks

Author:  _The Doctor__ [ Sat Oct 11, 2014 3:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: sio2pc and old-style menu disks

If you already created the real disks on real hardware just launch ape and click pro system click ATR funtions then click create atr image(s) from real disk(s)

and you can do the opposite and make a real disk by selecting the second choice write atr(s) to real disk(s)

I have also listed other ways of doing this in the other thread you re-posted your question in. It's much longer to read but faster getting it all done because ape is faster i/o

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