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 Post subject: SimpleTech Flash Module -- Redux
PostPosted: Fri Aug 24, 2007 7:28 am 

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Thought this might be of interest to any of you that have a SimpleTech flash module. Long story short -- they worked fine for me, but not for some other folks. I now have SIX of the little beasties, and they *all* work. And they don't work with just one computer -- I've used some of these modules with at least four different XL's and XE's. I believe I found the reason for the disparity in success.

Some background: Originally, I tried the "pin 20" method of powering the MyIDE and flash card/adapter, and I reported a shift in screen color when the MyIDE was operating. Then I measured the voltage, and there was a significant drop (to less than 4 VDC when using a microdrive). Mr Atari suggested attaching a connector from the Atari power switch to the flash card/adapter, and that solved the problem completely. So I've used "external" power from then on, including 100% of the time after I got my original two SimpleTech modules.

Recently, I tried a SimpleTech module that was modified for "pin 20" power, and true enough, it was 100% non-functional. ("Busy or Locked") at the MyIDE boot screen. "No Hard Drive Found" when using FDISK. Then I attached my +5VDC power connector, and it sprang to life! Tried several others with identical results. Formatted a partition, sector-copied a HD backup, and it works great.

My conclusion is that this module will not work with the lower voltage typically supplied by "pin 20." So if you absolutely want the "clean installation look" and transportability provided by using pin 20, it's not going to work. I should also add that these are NTSC systems -- I have no PAL equipment.

I don't believe within NTSC systems, this has anything to do with timing or the mode of access by MyIDE. But if you have some different data and conclusions, please share them.


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