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 Post subject: 1200XL MyIDE Success!
PostPosted: Sat Mar 29, 2008 6:50 pm 

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Here is the first report of my adventure in installing an XEGS/1200XL MyIDE interface in a 1200XL. It's installed! It works! There are some issues to consider. So I will update this post and add some pics over the next several days. The following is a general description of my exploits, and should not be construed as installation docs.

1. The installation is of moderate difficulty. It involves adding an eprom for Basic. And to install the OS/MyIDE module and the Basic eprom, you must have 28-pin sockets. I was fortunate to have a 1200XL that already had 28-pin sockets for the two (stock) OS roms. Some 1200XL's have 24-pin sockets; some have 28-pin sockets. That saved quite a bit of work desoldering the old sockets and installing new 28-pin types. You must also move several jumpers on the top of the board, and add a couple of jumper wires and a resistor to the bottom of the board. (Note: most of the installation is detailed in the 32-in-1 OS docs for the 1200XL -- right up to the point of attaching the wiring harness.) Once you have 28-pin sockets and jumpers/wiring done, you must attach the 3 wires that are typical of MyIDE internal installations. This is outlined in the current XEGS MyIDE installation guide. Here is where I went astray. I attached the wires from the harness correctly, but I glossed over a note in the instructions that described how to orient the wiring harness connector -- I had it backwards. But not to worry. No harm done in this case. If this sounds somewhat complicated -- it is. You might want to contact Steve about professional installation.

2. How much room is there?
It's still tight! There is plenty of room for a standard IDE cable bent back over the top of the interface. There is not enough room for a Simpletech module. It interferes with the bottom of the keyboard. This would also rule out some types of "direct-connect" compact flash adapters. I don't have a Transcend module, but since it has a shell, my presumption is that it would not fit, either. Last, the RF shield will no longer fit without serious surgery.

3. Powering up:
There is a jumper that selects power (pin 20 IIRC) for a CF card/module. However, neither my Simpletech module nor my compact flash card/adapter is currently set up for internal power. I had to use an external supply to power up successfully. This is an issue to be explored further.

4. Does it work?
YES! After correcting my backwards harness connection, the MyIDE booted correctly every time. And I am thrilled to have internal Basic and (almost) the regular XL/XE-type OS. Plus the ability to change OS by quickly flashing a new OS in place of the MyIDE.

And as always, Steve's patient help in answering questions is ever-so-helpful. More to follow...

Part II

After having some issues previously with the internal power for MyIDE, I wanted to attach a separate line internally to power mine. Not quite so easy in a 1200XL since it has the original 9VAC type power supply. So I took it off the voltage regulator (regulated leg). Works perfectly with my compact flash.

I also attached an external switch to the "rescue" terminals on the interface. (What would an Atari computer be without a couple of switches to give it "character?" :wink: Anyway, if I did need the rescue, I didn't want to have to remove the top of the XL to set the jumper.

Note that the black power line (ground) is soldered to the ground strap. If you modify and reinstall the top RF shield, this will not work without additional cutting of the shield.


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PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 8:25 pm 

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Thanks a ton Larry. I've been thinking of taking on a similar project and really appreciate your report.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 3:17 am 
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Great thing to do. I love the idea to upgrade my 1200XL sometime....

How about modding the MyIDE-OS, so it uses the LED's available on the XL?
Just a thought.


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