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some CPU's do not like MyIDE
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Author:  Sysop*Marius [ Sat Feb 28, 2009 4:53 am ]
Post subject:  some CPU's do not like MyIDE


Last week I re-arranged my Atari collection, and I was playing around with MyIDE. I found out that some of my atari computers absolutely did not like the MyIDE.

In the past I found out that atari's with a MISSING RF shield might have more trouble (not because of the RF, but because of the fact the RF shield adds some more grounding mass to the system).

But now I found out a new interesting thing:

Some CPU's (especially the ones with "MEXICO" printed on it) result in very strange behaviour sometimes. I own around 70 atari 8bitters, and around 35 of these do have this MEXICO CPU.

I sure found 14 Atari's with this CPU which resulted in MyIDE trouble. Replacing the CPU with another one, solved the issue.

I knew from the past that these MEXICO CPU's are a pain in the ass. Especially with memory upgrades, and equipment on the parallel bus.

So if you keep having trouble.... you might want to exchange CPU's.


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