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 Post subject: CARTRIDGE: MyIDE+1Mb Flash: Version 3.5F !FIX 13-jan-2011!
PostPosted: Wed Jan 18, 2006 12:39 pm 
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This is the standard free of charge version supplied by Steven Tucker.

This BIOS is only for the MyIDE+1Mb flash cartridge!

Please flash your MyIDE+1Mb cartridge with this new BIOS.
Download the image, hold OPTION during powerup, answer YES on the question "are you sure?"

Thank you for your free donations!

Please read the manuals found here:

Highlights of the 3.5F:
-"Improved compatibility (new powerup/reset routine)"
-"reset-topics (new keystrokes)"
-"Brand new image loading routine (new layout, easy to use)"
-"Removed copy-bug between partitions!"
-"NO Logical drive limitation. 8 drives supported"
-"400/800-software support"
-"Downwards compatible with other MyIDE-partitions"
-"OS-Identification Byte"

What is new?
-Extended vector table.
-BYE, JMP E477 or SHIFT+CONTROL+TAB: coldstarts the OS and keeps MyIDE-setting save
-SHIFT+CONTROL+ESC: Resets (like pressing RESET) and much safer to use!
-Fully compatible with 'standard' XL/XE-software.
-Boot up drive Dx: activated (set with fdisk)
-Start image-loading activated (set with fdisk)
-Patched NMI-routine for 400/800-software.
-Hold SELECT during any reset: PERFORM POWERUP (Restarts Flash-cart)
-It runs on EVERY 64k machine with ANY OS installed.
-DD support for images. (Please be patient with copying! The first few sectors take long to read/analyse)

Hold START during bootup/reset. Remember to dis/enable BASIC.
A screen like this will appear.

0001<CBN>name_29_characters S

4-digit hex-number (joystick up/down left/right, fire=boot)
< copy from image to floppy (press fire), "Y" to confirm
C erase name (press fire), then do N 'save name' to confirm.
B boot (press fire)
N save name (press fire)
> copy from floppy to image (press fire), "Y" to confirm. [tip:enter name first]
"name_29_characters" (keyboard, joystick left/right, NO function keys supported!)
s Density of image. changeable s->m->d->s (fire) Only change this if you need to!
To confirm changes in density, then do N 'save name'

shift+control+tab :"BYE", to coldstart Atari (except MyIDE settings!)
shift+control+esc :RESET.
shift+control+R : clear and Reload configuration bytes.
shift+control+D : Disable Hard Disk
shift+control+E : Enable Hard Disk
shift+control+P : Protect (read only) Hard Disk
shift+control+U : Unprotect (read and write) Hard Disk
shift+control+A : Toggle On-screen Activity (Colors in border)
These additional keystrokes are available when booted from an ATR in the image partition.
shift+control+# : Mount Image No #. #=number 1....9. Example #=2 to access disk 2. Images must be insequence on the MyIDE.

Configuration bytes (default on reload=all $00):
-CBFA = Image-density. 0=128 bytes/s 1= 256 bytes/sector.

Information to make MyIDE-routines more 'open source' for programmers.

Extended vector table.

OS-Identification Byte
Located at: $C005
bit-7:1=ram-OS, 0-rom-OS
bit-6:1=ext, 0=int MyIDE
bit-5:1=MyIDE-OS, 0=other OS
bit-0...4=serial number
35F=$EF (1110.1111)

How to transfer data bypassing the SIO-routines:
Set buffer address at $32/$33
Set length at $308 ($00=256 bytes). Except WRITE: this is always 256 bytes.
Set $D503=sector ID ($01....max)
Set $D504=cylinder LOW
Set $D505=cylinder HIGH
Set $D506=head ID ($A0....$Amax, lower 4 bits)
JSR $E486 for write (OPTION-BYTE is checked. Minus = write protection)
JSR $E489 for read
BMI if an errors occurs
MyIDE can do 50k/s, enough for playing streaming video/audio!

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, 2008 2:30 am 
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FIX 08/13/08. FDISK2:

-Removed some small bugs when selecting a non existing (#0) drive or partition.
-Removed bug in swap drive-numbers with only 1 partition present.
-Removed bug in change drive-number when selecting #9.
-Changed the init-routine to detect IDE/CF-modules also.
-Removed the 'skip SELECT' option for previous MyIDE-OS support.
-Changed the kernal so it runs on a stock XL/XE without MyIDE-OS.
-Added an RELOAD option in the init-menu to cancel modifications and restore the previous settings.

 Post subject: Re: CARTRIDGE: MyIDE+1Mb Flash: Version 3.5F !working on upd
PostPosted: Thu Jan 13, 2011 1:28 am 
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FIX 13-jan-2011:

Removed bug in the OS that prevented games to start that use a illegal reset-jump into the OS.

File contains:
- .ATR file for booting/flashing your cartridge.
- .ROM file for use with atarimax/studio software.
- .BIN file for use with Altirra (MaxFlash 128K + MyIDE).

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