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 Post subject: MyBIOS v4.8.0x Manual, current stable version.
PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 3:58 am 
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Read this first

Due to differences in card manufacturers the advisable card-size should not exceed 4Gb.
*Cards larger then 4Gb can be used, but could need a manual setup in the Init-routine.*
*If CHS-values read: 16383/16/63 you need to do a manual Init.*

The internal basic-bug:
The MyBIOS -05 and -06 have issues with activating the internal basic, the OPTION-key does not work as it should (to enable basic).
To enable internal basic do this.
Hold SELECT at boot-up and then toggle Basic ON with "B"
Select your image, hold OPTION and press enter.
The screen will garbage-up (indication that Basic is enabled).
Use SHIFT+CONTROL+TAB then "C" to correctly restart the selected image.

The copy image to SIO-bug:
The MyBIOS -05 and -06 can not copy images from Image-space to SIO.


The MyBIOS is a completely rewritten Atari-OS that complies to all official released 400/800 XL/XE documentation.
Except for relocate-able-drivers and cassette related routines (No room for it, sorry).
The new BIOS is coded to be seen as stock REV_02 (XL/XE) and also patched for OS_B (400/800) programs.
MyBIOS is designed to be downwards compatible.
If you have a program that does not run on this BIOS, please zip and send me a copy for evaluation purpose.

What is MyIDE?
MyIDE-II is a interface to connect a CF-card (IDE-device) to the Atari parallel bus-system. Due to the parallel data-transfer it’s extremely fast, at least 10 times faster then standard SIO. In special applications it can reach data-transfers up to 100 Kbytes/second or 200 sectors/second.

3rd Party software.
In the today’s world users upload there MyIDE-device with command-line driven “myidetool” and the windows-overlay “MyIDE Drive Manager LBA2”. These two fabulous 3rd party programs are downloaded together with this update. All 3rd party software is included.

FAT32 and ATARIMAX fat32-loader.
The BIOS supports FAT32 entry in the MBR on your media for PC-usage.
On this FAT32-area you can copy .XEX .ROM and .ATR files, which you can load with the ATARIMAX FAT32-loader.

APT and SDX.
The BIOS supports APT entry in the MBR, to support SDX IDE-driver called “MyIDE.SYS” or “MyIDE2.SYS” made by FJC.
You need to customize the SDX-rom to make it work with MyBIOS and/or APT
The SDX.ROM can simply be loaded with the ATARIMAX FAT32-loader.
Please consult the SDX homepage for manual and SDX-customizer.

With this download you also find MyDOS. This is a popular DOS version used on the Atari platform.

Direct IDE-access.
Device X: is a powerful tool to direct access any LBA-sector on the CF.

MyBIOS has a standard D8: RAMDISK mapped to the internal SRAM
The driver will reply to a percom command how many space is present depending on ROM-images loaded.
With no ROM-loaded, size is almost 512k.
With SDX 256k version, size is almost 256k.

With F2, you should NEVER hit RESET.
Use SHIFT+CONTROL+ESC for a reset.

Cartridge support:
OSS: viewtopic.php?p=8349#p8349
XEGS: viewtopic.php?p=7445#p7445

>Internal BASIC does not switch on with OPTION.
You need to use the SELECT-key during booting then B to enable BASIC.
>Copy in the image-menu does not work from CF-to-SIO.

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 Post subject: Re: MyBIOS v4.8.0x Manual, 3th party software etc.
PostPosted: Tue Jun 17, 2014 2:43 am 
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This is the last beta on record with version 4.8

It is the work in progress, almost finished 4.8.07 with some fixes to the 4.8.06 MyBIOS.
It boots as MyBIOS 4.8.B3
I left it here, because I'm working on the 4.9 release.

For the normal user this MyBIOS is working fine.
Experienced users can find some quirky behavior when going in/out of menus expecting some result that won't happen ;-)

Easiest way:
Put the MyIDE-][.bin in your fat32-area.
Boot-up end select the FAT-loader.
Select the file and press CNTRL-F (flash the cartridge).
Wait until the program finishes (Do NOT power-down or hit RESET during the flashing process!)

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