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Article #198 (376 is last):
From: aa400 (Phillip M. Chow)
Subject: MichTron / Fast FAX
Date: Wed Jan 31 03:13:10 1990

Fast FAX system from MichTron : Turns you ST into a FAX

MichTron, Inc. has announced a late January release of Fast FAX, a full
featured hardware and software package which offers Group III FAX
machine capabilities right from any Atari ST computer.
MichTron states that Fast FAX's command functions permit letterheads,
signatures, cover pages, or any other saved graphics, to be inserted into
FAX documents.  A view option allows an incoming FAX to be displayed on
screen (within a scrollable window) or to generate a printout.
Fast FAX's software includes a phone book that can store over 1000 company
names, contact names and their FAX phone numbers.  A scheduling feature
provides the ability to send multiple FAXes to multiple locations, and
Fast FAX can be told when to send them.  FAXes can be set up to be sent
any time of the day, any day of the moth, and any month of the year.
The Fast FAX modem uses its own 8 MHz 68000 microprocessor, has 32K of RAM,
and 64K of ROM.  Data rates supported include: V.29 (9600bps, 7200bps),
V.27 (4800bps, 2400bps) and V.21 (channel 2 at 300bps) with automatic
Fast FAX has a suggested list price of $699.95 and is available for Amiga,
Atari ST and IBM PC computers.  For additional information, contact MichTRON,
Inc., 576 S. Telegraph, Pontiac MI 48053; (313) 334-5700.

Taken from ST Informer : Issue #30 : January 1990

Used here with permission.

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