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Article #199 (376 is last):
From: aa400 (Phillip M. Chow)
Subject: Double Click Software / DC - Desktop
Date: Wed Jan 31 03:13:55 1990

DC-Desktop on the way : Double Click offers desktop alternative

Double Click Software has announced a new product by the name of DC-Desktop.
This product is designed to enhance your desktop, not replace it, thus 
DC-Desktop is said to be 100% compatible with all existing software.
DC-Desktop offers many of the same features that NewDesk does and even
has some that NeoDesk doesn't.  DC-Desktop supports icons on the desktop
for floppies, hard drives, printers and files, and is even compatible
with NeoDesk icon files.
However, Double Click takes this concept a little further and offers what
they call a "Cabinet" icon.  Clicking on a Cabinet icon brings up a window
of icons contained in that Cabinet.
These icons represent programs and files that are commonly used, but reside
in different directories on different drives.
The Cabinet keeps track of where these files are located so that they can
be quickly executed if accessed without the user shuffling through
multiple drives and folder directories to find them.
Some other features that DC-Desktop offers are the ability to undelete
files from the trach can (much like a Mac!), complete compatibility
with the desktop, a print spooler, and the ability to run in low rez!
To top it off, Double Click is offering a bounty of sorts.  Registered
owners of NeoDesk can get DC-Desktop by sending their original disk and
DC-Desktop should begin shipping in January with a suggested retail price
of $39.95.  Watch for a full review of DC-Desktop in a future issue of
ST Informer.
For additional information, contact Double Click Software, PO Box 741206,
Houston, TX 77274; (713) 645-3759.

Taken from ST Informer : Issue #30 : January 1990

Used here with permission.


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