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From: aa400@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Phillip M. Chow)
Subject: RONSAT Technologies :  RONSAT's Stonehenge  / 0390AR
Date: Mon Mar 26 03:30:48 1990

RONSAT's Stonehenge    An external RAMdisk for ST's

   Buffalo Grove, IL - RONSAT Technologies, Inc. announced
the release of Stonehenge II, a RAM-drive for Atari ST
computers. STonehenge II will provide ST users with high
performance disk access and superior data integrity.
Because STonehenge II is a hardware RAM-drive it offers
several benefits over traditional, software-based RAM-
disks including data integrity, more available system
memory, and much greater RAM-storage.
   Stonehenge II comes configured with either 256k or 2MB
of dynamic RAM on a custom printed circuit board.  It
provides its own ASIC controller (Application Specific
Integrated Circuit) and the 256k unit is user-expandable,
in 256k increments, up to 2MB.  The unit plugs into the
computer's DMA port and with the provided DMA throughput
function the user is able to daisy-chain (i.e. link together
off the same DMA port) a mechanical hard-drive or multiple
Stonehenge II units.
   Traditional RAM-disks are implemented in software.  The
user must allocate a portion of system memory to function
as the RAM-disk, thereby decreasing the amount of available
memory.  Because system memory is functioning as the RAM-
disk it is vulnerable to the tendency of crashing applica-
tions to corrupt system memory.  Software RAM-disks also
depend upon the computer's own power supply for data
retention.  Stonehenge II's data integrity is maintained
separately from the ST's.  This means that all data will
survive a system crash or complete power-down/power-up
cycle of the computer.
   Stonehenge II is now available direct from RONSAT
Technologies, Inc. at 368 Lexington Drive, Buffalo Groove,
IL 60089.  RONSAT may be contacted at (708) 520-8003, or
throught CompuServe at 76515.3152.  On-line direct ordering
info is available via modem at (708) 520-7812 - login as

Taken from ST Informer : Issue #33 : March 1990

Used here with permission.


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