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From: aj205@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Kevin Steele)
Subject: Diamond Back II
Date: Thu May  3 09:51:37 1990

                            Diamond Back II
                        Now with Diamond Cache!!
DIAMOND BACK II provides a TRUE file backup at image backup speeds with more 
power and flexibility then all of the rest combined. Here are just a few of 
the features packed into DIAMOND BACK II and Diamond Cache: 
EASY to use 100% GEM user interface with online help - Backup/Restore ANY 
number of drive partitions, directory paths, single directories, or speficic 
files in a single pass - Flexible creation of backup sets from different 
paths or partitions - Wildcard masks to include or exclude files may be 
different for each path - Incremental backups by date/time or archive 
bit(TOS 1.4) - Load/Save custom backup configurations - Automatic drive 
switching - Full or Partial restore - Recreate original directory tree or 
specify new structure during restore - Flexible disk formating options - 
Preformatted disks do not have to be the same type - File compression and 
encryption available - Disk usage estimation - Disk statistics - Backup to 
floppies of other partitions - Intelligent Image backup option - Backup and 
Restore Spectre partitions - Create file listings during the backup or from 
floppy disks or selected paths - Create CRC validation logs from Hard Disk or 
Floppy files and MUCH MUCH MORE!!! 
DIAMOND BACK II is FAST and now even FASTER with DIAMOND CACHE! The fastest 
most powerful disk caching program available for the Atari ST.  Custom 
communication links between Diamond Back II and Diamond Cache make backups 
and restores FLY even faster than they did before! 
DIAMOND CACHE is fully user configurable with a easy to use GEM 
configuration/cache statistics program.  Sophisticated Artificial Intellegence
routines make Diamond Cache the fastest cache period! It even includes a 
flexible print spooler that uses cache buffers to save precious ram! 
Of course, all of Data Innovations Diamond products fully support 
TOS 1.4 extended partitions.
than any other backup system for the Atari ST/Mega/TT. Go to your local dealer a
nd ask for
Diamond Back II TODAY. Remember, buy Diamonds
                     The others are just CARBON!

Diamond Back II with Diamond Cache retails for $59.95
Diamond Cache is also available seperately for $29.95
Current owners of Diamond Back may upgrade to Diamond Back II with Diamond 
Cache by sending your original disk and $10 ($15 if you also want a new 
manual) to:
                     Data Innovations, Inc.
                     127 N. Front Street
                     Rising Sun, IN 47040
                     (812) 438-3733

Reviewers comments on Diamond Back I :
"DIAMOND BACK is a very powerful, flexible program...excellent manual...
highly recommended"               David Plotkin - STart Jan 1990
"The overall winner has got to be DIAMOND BACK.. it creates GEM compatible
disks at image backup speeds...this is the one I use and I use it alot.
It's dependable!"      LeRoy Valley & Ron Robinson ST Informer Nov 1989
"If you own a hard drive... then RUN, don't walk, to your nearest dealer
and ask him to order Diamond Back!"    Victor T. Albino ST World Oct 1989
Here's a few of the features new in Diamond Back II :
Spectre Partition Backup/Restore:
        Full support for backing up and restoring Spectre partitions!!
        Specify which partitions to backup/restore by their Mac names.
        Use preformated GEM disks or format on the fly. Very Fast!
File Backup:
        Backup to hard disk partition: Select any number of paths and
        masks from different partitions(just as if you were backing up
        to floppy) and back them up to a specified partition.  If a file
        already exists on the destination partition you will be asked
        if you want to overwrite it.
        Append incremental backups to last disk in a previous backup
        saveset.  Saves disks, no longer have to use a new disk to
        start an incremental backup.
        Date incremental backups can now be specified by date AND time.
        Addition of wildcard masks to Exclude files from the backup.
        Unlimited number of specific backup paths. Each backup path
        may now have an unlimited number of include and exclude wildcard
        masks.  As before, all of the include and exclude masks can be
        different for each path.
        Wildcard masks have been expanded from ? and * to include full
        UNIX style [abc],[a-k],and [!abc] masks.  [abc] means include
        every file with a a,b,or c in that position, [a-k] means include
        every file with any of the letters a through k in that position.
        and [!abc] means include every file Except those with a,b,or c
        in that position.
        Example:  *.[ch] backs up all files *.c and *.h

        A best fit algorithm has implemented when No Split is selected
        to optimally fill a backup disk without splitting any files.
        MS-DOS compatible boot sector is now written to all backup disks
        (even preformatted ones) so backup disks can be taken as is
        and read by MS-DOS machines.
        82 track format support has been added.
        User option to clear archive bit or have it remain unchanged.
New Disk utilities options include:
        Esitmate Disk Requirements. Based on the currently selected
        backup paths and backup options, a precise estimate of the
        number of disks required to complete the backup will be given.
        Disk Statistics: Everything you ever wanted to know about
        all your disk drives(and probably some that you don't)
        including partitioning information and free disk space.
        Browse Directories: Access to the Gem File selector has been
        added just to look around.
        Create validation file: This is a historical information
        file containing all file atributes(name, date, time, size,
        attribute flags) and a CRC.  Validation files may be built
        from the currently selected backup paths or from floppies.
        You may append new files to existing validation files.
        Validate Files: This function uses a specified Diamond Back
        validation file as reference. Files from the currently
        selected backup paths or from floppies may be validated.
        The files are read in and a CRC is performed. The CRC and
        file attributes compared with information contained in the
        validation file to protect against corrupted files.  If a
        file is not found in the validation file, you are given the
        option of adding it.
        Build File List: You may build a file Diamond Back file list
        from a set of floppies or from the currently selected backup
        paths.  This is independent of the file list you may choose
        to create during a backup.   
File Restore:

        100-200% speed increase on restore when using Diamond Cache.
        Restore from hard disk. Used when you backup to a hard disk 
        partition using compression or encryption.
        From the restore menu you may tell Diamond Back to overwrite,
        skip, or ask you when a restore file already exists on the 
        hard drive.
        File dates are correctly restored for all TOS versions.
Image Backup/Restore:
        Intellegent and easy to use image backup system.
        Only backs up the sectors that contain data. If you have
        5 meg on an 16 meg partition, you only use 5 meg worth of disks.
        Restore partition images to different size partitions!
        Both larger and smaller!
And Diamond Cache.........

than any other backup system for the Atari ST/Mega/TT. Go to your local dealer
and ask for Diamond Back II TODAY. Remember, buy Diamonds
                     The others are just CARBON!

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