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From: aj205@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Kevin Steele)
Subject: Summer CES and Atari: Another View
Date: Sun Jun 10 16:40:05 1990

In the interest of fairness, here is another opinion on Atari's
showing at the Summer CES show:
 -----------Category 14,  Topic 18
Message 1         Sun Jun 03, 1990
UNICORNPUB                   at 14:25 EDT
Bill and I just got back from the show in Chicago.  It's still  running
(until Tues. June 5 I believe), but we were able to only go for Saturday.
Here are my impressions....

The Atari Booth was very impressive, with lots of Portfolios, Lynxes, the
older game machines and two rows of STEs.  This was the strongest showing
of the ST computer line at a CES that I've seen.  The ST was demoing game
software, MIDI software and productivity software.  Right next to the Lynx
posters were Atari Advantage posters.

I had the pleasure of meeting Meade Ames-Klein, President of Atari
Computer, and he told me we would see the Advantage package appearing in
the next few months, because the only holdup is finalizing the software
package.  He said Atari has been signing up major distributors at CES but
didn't give me any names.  I also had the pleasure of meeting Bill Crouch
(VP of Sales), Jim Fisher (VP of Marketing) and Don Thomas (Portfolio
division and the founder of the Revolution).

A couple of personal opinion comments...

I was very glad to see Atari didn't have models jumping around handing out
silly prizes and things.  I liked the giant mock-up of the Lynx which had a
large tv/monitor in the center where the screen would be playing the Lynx
commercial.  I got to see Sam and Gary Tramiel, and I was very surprised
that they look more like twins than brothers.  Commodore had a booth near
Atari's showing off a portable they are creating.  It hasn't passed FCC
yet, and they hadn't set a retail price.  This will have a high-density
3.5" disk drive and a 20 meg hard drive.  I don't know any other
particulars on it.  I think that seeing Commodore there, since they don't
have a Lynx or 2600/7800 series, kind of refutes those people who said CES
was only a games show, and Atari should go to COMDEX if they are to be
serious about computers in the US.  (for those of you who don't know, CES
and COMDEX overlap dates this year, making lots of companies choose between

That's about all I can think of right now...

                Pattie Rayl (Atari Interface Magazine)


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