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Article #248 (376 is last):
From: aj205@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Kevin Steele)
Subject: UK ST Computer Show
Date: Thu Jan 17 15:24:23 1991

ST Aladdin
Category 1,  Topic 18
Message 1         Thu Jan 10, 1991
GORDON                       at 20:49 EST
                        16 Bit Computer Faire
                   London England  Jan 4, 5 and 6th

   I will give you a brief description of what I thought was happening at the
16 bit faire.  Atari people in England are the same as the Atari people in the
US.  Scared and Worried.  Trying to figure out what the Heck Atari is doing.
All the europeans have heard that the ST is totally dead in the US and they
can't figure out why as it is still selling in Europe.  Not as good as the
Amiga but its still alive.
  At the show Talon Tech was showing there new Beatle Mouse (taking a cue from
Atari and showing the new products in Europe first!!)  Hisoft was showing a new Flight Simulator and new beta versions of the
HiSoft Basic and Dev Pack, all of which are promised shortly through Gold Leaf
Publishing here in the US. GFA has a new version of Basic for the ST and is
hoping to have a version of GFA BASIC for windows on the PC in early February.
Best news yet to GFA users they have hired a GM and are opening an office in
Boston as of Jan 1.  I don't have the address but I will keep an eye out for
it for you. The new man is a PC person and I think most of their plans in the
US are for the PC market.

  One interesting thing I heard is that since the Frenchman Eli did not work
out Jack is now going to try a German.  He is going to transfer the German GM
to the US to try to streighten out the US.  One interesting side effect of
this is that I heard he was going to bundle some German software with the new
STE's and he is going to pay the German companies to set up offices in the US
to support thier software.

    Atari chose not to exhibit at the show so there was nothing new from them.
The surprising thing to me was the number of English ST software companies
that have closed up or changed their marketing thrust.  Like there was nothing
from GST for the ST.  Hisoft, GFA, Kuma and a company showing a photo
retouching package were the only serious software people there.  The ST in
England is considered a game machine and its sold as such.  Another
interesting thing was the fact that there was at least 6 different companies
selling mouse replacements for the ST.


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