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Subject: Lexicor replies
Date: Sat Mar  9 21:56:38 1991

I just received the following reply from Lee Seiler, president of Lexicor..
He doesn't have UseNet access, so I'm posting it here for him..
Text of Lexicor reply follows
Date: MARCH 9TH 1991
To:   Bob R.


     Thanks for the usenet message thread. Yes I do have some 
comments. If you would like to upload them or simply quote me 
either is fine. I trust you will be accurate and honest. I am far 
to busy and have little actual interest in what AMIGA users 
believe or don't believe. ( What a lot of Crap!)


Lee Seiler

************************Toaster Comments**********************

It has come to my attention that LEXICOR has been quoted as having 
stated that the new ATARI TT would be compatible with the Newteck 
Video Toaster. This quote is not accurate.

I was asked during a general and casual conversation by someone 
identifying him self as a potential customer of LEXICOR products 
whether or not I had heard that the Video Toaster was going to be 
compatible with the ATARI TT?  My answer as reflected on LEXICOR"s 
telephone logs was.........

I have heard some talk about this, and if this marriage is 
produced we would definitely want to support it in our software."

     The second quote simply never came from me. First and foremost it 
is not on our telephone logs and second the quote is not 
responsive to the question. In addition after reviewing most of 
the message thread it appears as if LEXICOR was being interviewed, 
This was not the case. I feel that to have bits and pieces of a 
casual conversation used in an article style report on a usernet 
or BBS is unfair to both myself and anyone who reads it. I must 
also point out that the same individual called me a second time in 
an attempt to cover himself because of much adverse reactions at 
ATARI corporation in Sunnyvale Ca., NewTeck and here at Lexicor. 

FOR THE RECORD I do happen to know about the Newteck video 
toaster/ATARI 030 TT project. This project has nothing to do with 
LEXICOR at this time. There has been some serious discussions 
about doing SUCH A PROJECT, I am sure that if and when the people 
and companies who are involved in this project decide to make an 
announcement, given any success at all, we will all hear about it 
at that time.BTW in answer to one comment about NewTeck not ever letting the 
toaster move over onto other hardware platforms..?  While they 
may never do this themselves the fact is that once they sell 
their product to the general public the buyer can "move the 
toaster " onto any platform they wish. Any attempt to prevent 
this is a restraint of trade and restraint of private use...and is 
against the law.

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