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Article #258 (376 is last):
From: ah292@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Robert Krynak)
Subject: MIST show
Posted-By: xx004 (aa399 - Len Stys)
Date: Tue Jun 25 21:42:49 1991

this message is from BLAST bbs:

Conf : Midwest Atari User Groups
Msg# : 194  Lines: Extended  Read: 5
Sent : Jun 19, 1991  at 10:45 PM
To   : ALL
>From : William Loring
Subj : MIST AtariFest III Press Release!!

 |                      MIST Sponsors AtariFest III                     |
 |                Saturday July 27th, Indianapolis, Indiana             |
 ** News Flash ** News Flash ** News Flash ** News Flash ** News Flash **

     Bob Brodie has CONFIRMED his attendance for the Third Annual 
     AtariFest!!  Thanks, Bob!!
 ** News Flash ** News Flash ** News Flash ** News Flash ** News Flash **
    For a third year, an AtariFest is planned at Indianapolis, Indiana on
Saturday, July 27th, sponsored jointly by the user groups at Indianapolis,
Bloomington and Purdue known collectively as MIST (Mid-Indiana ST).
   Some of the people and companies scheduled to attend:
   Bob Brodie     : User group coordinator, Atari Corporation
   AIM            : Atari Interface Magazine
   D.A.Brumleve   : Critically acclaimed author of children's programs
   Clear Thinking : EdHak text and binary editor
   Compuserve     : Online computer service
   ComputerWorks  : Indianapolis Atari Dealer
   ICD            : Hard drives, accelerators, and software
   ISD            : Calamus DTP, Outline Art, DynaCadd
   Missionware    : lottODDS, and Printer Initializer software
   MS Designs     : Calamus and PageStream fonts
   One Stop       : Chicago dealer specializing in cables and cases
   SKWare One     : Seurat paint program
   SoftLogik      : PageStream 2.1 DTP
   User Groups    : ASCII, BL.A.ST, PAUG, LCACE, EAUG, Cin'tari, IMAGE,
                    MAST, and many more!
   ****  More are being added daily, so stay tuned!!  ****
     MIST AtariFest III will be held at the Castleton Mall Conference 
Center on the north side of Indianapolis.  The address is: 6385
Castleplace Drive, Indianapolis, In.  46250-1902.  There is a map in 
PageStream format in the ST file area... the file is called : 
MIST_III.LZH.  There will be specific directions in a later posting.
Public admission to the 'Fest will be $3.00, and will include a raffle
ticket.  We will be raffling hardware from Atari Corp, hardware and
software from attending vendors and developers. Additional raffle tickets
will be available for purchase.
    Anyone interested in attending or reserving vendor/developer tables
should contact MIST by one of the below methods:
      Leave mail on GEnie to W.LORING1, or D.WARD10
      Call the BL.A.ST BBS at (812)332-0573  2400bps, 24 hours.  
      Write us at BL.A.ST, PO Box 1111, Bloomington, IN. 47402

      Call William Loring at (812)336-8103, 
              or Dan Ward at (317)254-0031
     Vendor packets are available.  If you didn't receive one in the 
first mailing, PLEASE let us know!  We want you to attend our show!
     Brought to you by MIST (Mid-Indiana ST).  We are ASCII (Atari St
Computers In Indianapolis), BL.A.ST (BLoomington Atari ST), and PAUG 
(Purdue Atari User Group).
Thanks for your interest, and we'll see you at the 'Fest!!
  William H. Loring
  President, BL.A.ST User Group
  Co-Chairperson, MIST AtariFest III

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