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From: sytang@lamar.ColoState.EDU (Shoou-yu tang)
Subject: Show report 1
Posted-By: xx004 (aa399 - Len Stys)
Date: Mon Aug 19 00:10:47 1991

                Show report from Znet9132
                             August 2, 1991 
                               Issue #91-32

                       Publisher/Editor: Ron Kovacs
                            Editor: John Nagy
                      Z*Net New Zealand: Jon Clarke
                      Z*Net Canada: Terry Schreiber
                        PD Editor: Ron Berinstein

                              by Bob Brodie, 
             Director of Communications, Atari Computer Corp.
 For the last two years, a small gathering of Atarians has met in
 Bloomington, Indiana.  The groups have used the gathering as a chance to
 have a swap meet, and attract a few small developers.  MIST is an
 association of three users groups that has shared members, and needs
 over the past few years.  The groups that form MIST are ASCII- located
 in Indianapolis, BLAST- located in Bloomington, and PAUG- located in
 West Lafayette on the campus of Purdue University.  Their goal has been
 to share information, ideas, make new friends.
 In making the move to Indianapolis, the members hoped that they would
 share the burden of putting on the event a little bit better.  This
 years show was put on at CADRE, Inc, a local CAD firm.  The show area
 was a comfortable seminar area at CADRE, with carpeting, air
 conditioned, and easy access to hotels and local eateries.  The wide
 open seminar room was laid out logically, so visitors would have an easy
 path in making their way around the show.
 Exhibitors at this event included:
 Atari Corporation                 MP Graphic Design
 Gribnif Software                  CompuServe
 AT/Com Electronics                Clear Thinking Software
 Unicorn Publications              Randall's Home Computers
 MegaType                          Electronic Spinster Graphics 
 Mar's Merchandising               Touch Technologies
 SKWare One                        Softlogik
 Computer Works                    ICD
 Cal Com                           DA Brumleve
 Apprentice Software               One STop
 MS Designs                        Wiz Works

 also attending were a number of user groups:

 Milwaukee Atari ST of Milwaukee, WI
 Cin'tari of Cincinnati, OH
 STar of Belleville, IL
 Lake County Area Computer Enthusiasts, Waukegan, IL
 Eastside Atari Users Group, Alton, IL
 From the moments the door opened, the show was very, very busy.  Show
 organizers were pleased with the turnout for Atarifest III!  Once again,
 the combination of inexpensive tables for developers ($50 a table!) and
 low admission made this event a can't miss affair!  While the turnout
 was great, and the crowd was active, I never felt like I was in a rush
 to get to the next person.  Instead, I found people to be quite patient
 waiting for their turn to talk with me about what was going on in the
 Atari Community.  I was quite surprised at the distance that some people
 drove to attend this event.  Spotted in the crowd was Paul Plants of the
 WACO User Group from the Pittsburgh, PA area!  Attending from
 Huntsville, Alabama was John Cole, ST Vice President of the Huntsville
 Atari Users Group.  Other people told me that they had driven up from
 Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri, and Michigan.  I met so many new faces, I'm
 sure that I've overlooked a number of people in this report.
 The MIST organizers set up the exhibition area in a large open area of
 CADRE's conference center.  In addition, they had seminars set up in a
 room down the hall from the main area, which sat around 150 people.  The
 entrance to the show was in yet another area, which also had a MIDI-Maze
 ring set up in it.  Dan Ward from ASCII set up a large "white board"
 that he posted all door prize winners on.  Nice touch, Dan!  There was
 even a convenient Coke machine!
 A number of developers that couldn't attend this show demonstrated their
 support for MidWestern Atarians by sending along door prizes or
 advertising in the show program.  Among them was ISD Marketing, which
 donated Calamus, Outline Art, The Calamus Font Editor, a copy of the
 Guide to Calamus Desktop Publishing.  Current Notes, the Washington D.C.
 area based magazine offered a subscription to Current Notes, as well an
 ad in the show program.  Fonts by Guber sent 3 PageStream font disk

 The show organizers kept trying to tell me that they only had 250 people
 or so that had shown up.  I couldn't believe it, I've been to enough of
 these events that I just *knew* that the crowd was much better than
 that!  Sure enough!  During teardown the show officials acknowledged
 that they had miscounted.  The attendance was 450+!  Now there's a
 number I can believe in!

 The developers expressed great satisfaction with this event.  Tricia
 Metcalf from Gribnif Software told me that sales were better than they
 had been at the Windsor Show, which was a two day event with much higher
 booth prices!  ICD sold out of a number of items.  Wiz Works was
 badgered by people all day that wanted to buy Migraph scanner modules to
 use with MVG, and I was one of them!  Some of the user groups expressed
 disappointment with the sales of their PD libraries, while others did
 just great.  The LCACE gang did a bang up business, and EAUG had a
 terrific looking booth.

 For me, one of the highlights of the day was the MARC Meeting.  Under
 the leadership of Hank Vize, MARC (Midwest Atari Regional Council) is
 trying to make sure that all of the groups in the midwest stay in good
 contact with each other.  This meeting was open to user group officers
 only, and had a fine turnout.  MARC started in the St. Louis area.  I
 visited them in late '89, and just kind of casually remarked to Hank
 that it was a shame that the local groups didn't talk more.  He took the
 idea and ran with it, and now MARC has an e-mail list that goes from St.
 Louis to South Bend, Indiana!  Keep up the good work, guys!  Look for
 the gang from St. Louis to have a bigger role in next years MIST Show.
 Maybe they'll have to give the show a new name!

 Another bright spot was a tour of Purdue University.  Professor Dennis
 Short of Purdue's Technical Graphics Department is an Atari fan!  He's
 got a number of labs at Purdue that are crammed full of IBM/PS2's and
 Macs.  But in his office, he's got an Atari TT, running DynaCadd and
 NeoDesk3!  Professor Short is excited about the high speed performance
 of DynaCadd.  He's proposed a lab of TT's to Purdue University, all to
 be running DynaCadd! Professor Short is faculty advisor to the Purdue
 Atari Computer Enthusiasts, and spent several hours at the show.  During
 dinner on Friday night, he expressed sincere appreciation for all of the
 support Atari developers have provided him as he's learned the ins and
 outs of the TT030!  Not without a fun streak in him though, I caught the
 professor taking a hard look at a Lynx!  Hmmm, what that line about all
 work and no play?  MP Designs is the Indianapolis based VAR that is
 servicing Purdue's Atari needs.

 I'm grateful to the organizers of the MIST Atarifest III for allowing me
 to participate in this event.  Congratulations on a job well done!

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