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From: sytang@lamar.ColoState.EDU (Shoou-yu tang)
Subject: Show report 2 from Znet9132
Posted-By: xx004 (aa399 - Len Stys)
Date: Mon Aug 19 00:12:23 1991

This show report from Znet9132.
                             August 2, 1991 
                               Issue #91-32

                       Publisher/Editor: Ron Kovacs
                            Editor: John Nagy
                      Z*Net New Zealand: Jon Clarke
                      Z*Net Canada: Terry Schreiber
                        PD Editor: Ron Berinstein

                       BRACE ATARIFEST SHOW REPORT
                    by the Z*Net Staff and Bob Brodie,
          Director of Communications, Atari Computer Corporation
 Saturday, July 20th was a great day in Asheville, NC. Atarians from all
 over the southeast came together once again to enjoy their hobby at the
 second annual Blue Ridge Atarifest.  The event is co-sponsored by the
 Blue Ridge Atari Computer Enthusiasts, and the local Atari dealer,
 Computer STudio.  Sheldon Winick is the well known owner of Computer 
 This was the second time Atarians had come to Asheville for the Blue
 Ridge Atarifest.  Last year was the first event, inspired by a visit
 from Bob Brodie of Atari.  When Bob arrived, he found an exceptional
 Atari dealership, and excited users.  A total of about 150 people turned
 out for the inaugural Blue Ridge Atarifest.  Most of the rest of the
 exhibitors at the first "show" were other Atari owners who enjoyed
 sharing their expertise in particular areas of their hobby.  Included in
 last years exhibitors was a number of members from KAUG, the Knoxville
 Atari Users Group.  Clifton Willard, a video professional, returned with
 the rest of the gang from KAUG for the second Blue Ridge Atarifest.
 No one has ever accused Bob Brodie of hiding a good thing!  He was sure
 to tell one and all about the great impression Asheville's fine folk had
 made on him.  This year, the show moved itself up by several notches!
 There were a number of other professional developers that attended the
 Blue Ridge Atarifest this year, and even more people!  As before, the
 show was held in the lovely Westgate Shopping Center, in which Computer
 STudio is located.  In a major switch from the norm of most other Atari
 shows, BRACE and Computer STudio made this event *FREE* to everyone!
 There was no charge for admission, and no charge to any of the
 developers that chose to display their wares in Asheville for the day!
 Computer STudio is a full service Atari retailer, carrying the full line
 of Atari products.  On display in the store was the TT030, with 8 megs
 of ram, a Mega/STE with four megs of ram, 1040 STEs, Stacys, Lynx, and
 the Portfolio palmtop computer.  Computer STudio is a well stocked
 dealer, with over 500 software titles available on the shelf.
 Folks from all over the southeast came to see this event.  User groups
 were reported present from KAUG, the Knoxville Atari Users Group, the
 East Tennesee Atari Computer Enthusiasts, and other groups from North
 Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and even Florida was
 represented at this event.
 Among the people that drove up to this southern style gathering was the
 colorful and controversial Ralph Mariano.  Most Atarians recognize Ralph
 as being the publisher of ST Report, a weakly rumor column distributed
 primarily on the FNET.  In addition to ST Report, Mariano also has his
 own hard drive business, ABCO Computer. The vocal Mariano, ever a
 curiosity to the end users and developers alike, elected not to take a
 booth to show his famous ABCO hard disks, but rather opted to try to
 mingle with the crowd at the event.  Bob enjoyed an opportunity to meet
 Ralph's sons, who also came for the journey north.  Hmmm, wonder if they
 read ST Report?  The once influential journalist hosted his own seminar
 toward the end of the day entitled "Current Events".  It was an event
 not to be forgotten: entertaining, humuorous, and unclouded by facts.
 D.A. Brumleve and her family took time out from their vacation to swing
 through Asheville.  Dorothy had her KIDPRGs on display, and enjoyed
 speaking to the many new users that she encountered there.  Unlike many
 of the booths at shows, Dorothy's is one that the parents can encourage
 their children to use the computer!  No worries about lost data at
 Dorothy's booth.  She's always glad to get the little ones up to the
 screen.  It's usually not too longer after the kids get busy with the
 KIDPRGs that Mom and Dad notice that maybe their kid isn't too young to
 use a computer after all! Always a seminar favorite, Dorothy gave a
 session on "Empowering You Learners Through Technology".
 Located down the hall from his wife, was Dr. Timothy Brumleve, who has
 written his own librarian for a Kawai synthesizer.  Tim hosted a MIDI
 seminar to demonstrate his K5/K5m Voice Librarian.  Many of the great
 sounds heard throughout the Westgate Shopping Center this day were
 courtesy of Tim Brumleve!  Along with Tim, Mike Cloninger was on hand
 from Dragon Studio to show off some his stuff, done with Cubase.
 GEnie was well represented by Darlah Pine, head of the Atari Roundtables
 on GEnie.  Hooked up live to GEnie, Darlah showed how to get around the
 system to the new users.  Most of them were impressed with Atari's
 official online service!  Genie's Basic Services are an exceptional
 value!  Darlah also showed the new subscribers how to locate the
 developers of their favorite programs, most of whom are probably online
 on GEnie now!  Got a problem with a program?  Here's how to send
 electronic mail to the company!  Did you say that you were interested in
 public domain software?  GEnie has simply the *best* online libraries
 around!  Darlah remarked how wonderful it was to find so many new users
 at a show!  It had been a long time since so many new folk had appeared
 at a show.
 John Fox of Goldleaf Publishing was on hand, his usual wacky self, to
 wow the crowd with WordFlair II.  Word Flair II takes advantage of
 Atari's FSMGDOS, utilizing scalable outline font technology.  A truly
 unique product, a document processor, Word Flair II let you integrate
 text, graphics, and data all on one page!
 Jeff Williams is a familiar sight to show goers as one of the syops from
 GEnie.  Jeff has long been a fixture as the moderator of the Wed. night
 conferences on GEnie.  Now Jeff is also with ICD, and ICD sent him to
 Asheville with an ample supply of host adapters, AdSpeed accelerators,
 and great deals on close out 8 bit stuff!  Jeff displayed a STacy 4 with
 an AdSpeed up and running.  ICD's products just seem to get better and
 Located inside the Computer STudio store, hidden behind a wall of people
 that constantly surrounded him was none other than Nathan Potechin of
 ISD Marketing.  Nathan was showing off Calamus S/L on the Atari TT030 at
 Computer STudio.  People were lined up three and four deep from opening
 till about 2:30 to speak with Nathan, and to see the power of Calamus
 S/L.  Nathan also gave a seminar later in the day on Atari Desktop
 Publishing using Calamus.  Always easy to approach, Nathan spent time
 with new friends discussing Calamus, Outline Art, DynaCadd, and the
 Independent Association of Atari Developers.

 Nevin Shalit of Step Ahead Software is the author of Tracker/ST.
 Tracker is a powerful application that offers a complete mail manager
 with a quick letter option, label printing and more.  Nevin is one of
 the sysops of the SoftLogik Roundtable on GEnie, and also gave folks a
 look at the powerful new version of PageStream.  Better known in some
 circles for his Rumor City column in ST Informer, Nevin proves every
 month that you can kiss & tell if you do it right!  Everyone likes to
 keep up with the latest scoop on the Atari community.  Nevin shares his
 rumors with little flash and no slash, and lots of class.  Refreshing
 reading for everyone!  Other pseudo journalists would do well to
 consider his approach!  Nevin sold out of Tracker/ST at this show!  In
 addition to Nevin, ST Informer was also represented by Brian Gockley.
 Brian and his lovely wife had great supplies of ST Informers' A & D
 Software, including the Universal Item Selector and the Universal

 Down from Virginia for the Blue Ridge Atarifest came Don and Carole
 Terp.  These longtime Atarians might be remembered by some for their
 writings in the Atari community.  They started ST Business magazine, and
 then published their original material in ST Applications.  Now under
 the name of Reed Mountain Press, Don discussed the business side of
 desktop publishing.
 Clifton Willard was again on hand from Knoxville to show off his
 fabulous video creations, all generated using an Atari computer.  Those
 doubters that the ST's video capabilities should have been present.  His
 creations are simply fabulous!

 While not showing an Atari specific products, author Ralph Roberts spent
 time discussing Computer Viruses...the topic of his book.  He has also
 written a series of Leisure Suit Larry hint books.  Ralph autographed
 copies of his book as a special bonus to show attendees.
 Although not exhibiting per se, any report would be remiss if it didn't
 mention the attendance of Bill Aycock, Compuserve Sysop.  Bill was easy
 to approach, and quite open about discussing the current state of
 CompuServe.  If your a Portfolio user, CompuServe has an excellent
 Portfolio forum!
 Last, but certainly not least was Bob Brodie of Atari Computer
 Corporation.  Bob spent most of his time helping out Darlah Pine showing
 of GEnie, and meeting new friends from the south.  Bob especially
 enjoyed being right across the way from Computer STudio.  It made it so
 easy for him to refer people to a great store just a few feet away to
 have their needs met.  Instead of having to suggest that a dealer
 *might* have what the user needed, chances are that Computer STudio
 would already have the product in stock.
 And speaking of Computer STudio, Sheldon Winick and staff were on the
 go from almost before opening the store to the very end of the day.
 Lines are the cash register were typically about 4 deep.  Sheldon was
 all smiles by the end of the day.  I'd bet that this day goes down in
 Computer STudio history as one of the best.  Did you say *the* best?
 Could be!  The many specials that were run were sure to please any
 budget, and developers seemed to be all aglow as well.  Beyond a doubt,
 this gathering brought together a fine balance of buyers and sellers!
 Clearly, credit for this event must go to the Blue Ridge Atari Computer
 Enthusiasts and Computer STudio.  How many other shows in recent memory
 offer to provide developer space for free, and *no admission* charge?
 Hmmm, sounds like a pretty REVOLUTIONARY idea to me!  A show in a
 shopping center??  Even more REVOLUTIONARY stuff!  Don Thomas would be

 And could there be any doubt that there will be a repeat performance?
 How could it go wrong!  With free booths for the developers, the major
 cost that they will have to deal is more like transportation and hotels.
 What a pleasant change from other recent shows!  Look for this event to
 grow into an even bigger event than the 500 people that attended this
 year.  Look for the friendly people at Computer STudio to be host to
 *the*  gathering point for southern Atarians!  Sheldon told Bob that he
 is already in discussions with a major mall in Asheville to relocate
 Computer STudio there.  Imagine how many non-Atarians will see next
 years show!  Kudos to Sheldon and his fine staff, and the Blue Ridge
 Atari Computer Enthusiasts for putting on such a fine event!  I'm
 looking forward to next year!!

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