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Article #264 (376 is last):
From: sytang@lamar.ColoState.EDU (Shoou-yu tang)
Subject: Interview with Bob B. from Znet9132
Posted-By: xx004 (aa399 - Len Stys)
Date: Mon Aug 19 00:13:13 1991

                 This is interview with BOB from Znet9132 
                             August 2, 1991 
                               Issue #91-32

                       Publisher/Editor: Ron Kovacs
                            Editor: John Nagy
                      Z*Net New Zealand: Jon Clarke
                      Z*Net Canada: Terry Schreiber
                        PD Editor: Ron Berinstein

                        INTERVIEW WITH BOB BRODIE
                by the Z*Net Online Staff, and Bob Brodie
 Z*Net:    Bob, Atari has announced their first AEGIS Conference to be
 held in Sunnyvale this next week.  What exactly is the intent of the
 Aegis Program?  Some people seem to think it's the same as the old
 "Business Computer Center".
 Bob:      Nothing could be further from the truth.  The old BCC has
 nothing in common with the AEGIS Program.  The AEGIS program is designed
 to aid, and train our dealers.  Under the BCC program, dealers had to
 spend money to keep certain minimums on hand.  Yet with the AEGIS
 program, we're charging them NOTHING for their involvement.  All of the
 training is provided free of charge.
 Z*Net:    Is training the dealers all that is involved with the AEGIS
 Program?  Or is there more to it than that?
 Bob:      I'm not at liberty to discuss all the details at this time,
 but I can assure you that it involves much more than just training the
 dealers.  We have additional opportunities for the dealers that we'll
 share with them next week.  It would be inappropriate for them to be 
 shared with your readers before the dealers all hear the program.
 Z*Net:    So, what about some of the other things people have been
 reading about?  Like minimum sales orders, monthly volume, etc.?

 Bob:      I've read some of those things as well. (Laughing) It's really
 kind of weird to be here, see the program developing and then read
 online what the program is supposed to be!  All I can tell you is to
 consider the source of the information your reading.  I don't have much
 to say to National Enquirer type of publications.

 Z*Net:    Sounds like a reasonable suggestion to me! But does the Aegis
 program in any way slow down the process of signing up more dealers for

 Bob:      Not in the least!  Atari has returned to distribution with
 their products with the specific intent of making Atari Computers more
 readily available to any dealer that wants them!  We are presently
 dealing with a number of distributors nationwide, including one that is
 a MIDI specialist!  While it's true that the TT will not be in the
 distribution channel, we think that's an appropriate move.  Customers
 who purchase the TT deserve the finest support that they can get, from
 dealers that really know the product. 

 With the lone exception of the TT products, all the rest of our products
 are available to any dealer via distribution!  That includes laser
 printers, Mega STE's, hard drives, 1040 STE's, etc.  We've even invited
 some significant distributors to the AEGIS training seminar.

 Z*Net:    Anything else about the AEGIS seminar our readers might be
 interested in, Bob?
 Bob:      The AEGIS seminar is most assuredly NOT just an Atari program.
 We have also secured the assistance of our developers in training our
 dealers at the AEGIS seminar.  Only by the dealers understanding our
 products, and recognizing the *power* of the developers products will
 sales be generated.  I've seen some comments online from some of the
 developers about their products in response to questions from new users.
 Frankly, some of their descriptions surprised me!  It was some of the
 best presentations that I have seen on their products.  Since we
 recognize that not all of our customers are online, it only makes sense
 to pass that information along to the resellers that will directly
 interface with the customer.  That can best be accomplished by having 
 the developers present at this event.

 Some of the developers that will at the AEGIS seminar include Nathan
 Potechin of ISD Marketing, Nevin Shalit of Step Ahead Software, Darin
 Kazmaier of SoftLogik Publishing, Lauren Flanagan-Sellers of Gold Leaf
 Publishing, Rick Flashman of Gribnif Software, Lee Seilor of Lexicor
 Software, and John Eidsvoog of CodeHead Software.  Those are the ones
 that I can think of off of the top of my head.  I'm sorry I don't have
 the list in front of me at the moment.  James Grunke has arranged for
 some significant MIDI developers to be there as well, from Dr. T's and
 Steinberg Jones.

 Z*Net:    This looks like a good mixture of products to me, Bob!  Atari
 has provided a balance there between productivity packages, utilities,
 and MIDI.  Certainly not just high end unaffordable applications!!

 Bob:      This was exactly our goal.  As always, there are people that
 wish they could have attended this event but could not.  That includes 
 both developers and dealers.  The important thing to recognize is this
 is the first step!  We're making some good moves with this, and it gives
 us a foundation to build on.  We've considered the needs of *all* of our
 users, not just the high end ones.

 Z*Net:    Thanks for taking time to speak with us, Bob!  We're sure that
 our readers will appreciate this information on the Aegis program. 

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