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From: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Subject: Z*Net: Aegis Program a Hit
Posted-By: xx004 (aa384 - Doug Wokoun)
Reply-To: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Date: Wed Aug 28 23:20:38 1991

Taken from: Z*Net online magazine, issue #9133 (August 9, 1991):

                           AEGIS PROGRAM A HIT
                               by John Nagy

 Thirty-five representatives from twenty-three separate dealers attended
 Atari's latest dealer education and assistance program, "AEGIS", this
 week in Sunnyvale.  Called by some of those who participated "the single
 most encouraging and invigorating event ever in Atari dealer relations",
 the Aegis program was a major hit.  The program was presented without
 cost to the dealers, and major distributors were also invited.

 According to Atari, "the AEGIS Strategic Partner program creates a
 unique relationship between Atari, its key resellers and its key
 developers.  This relationship nurtures the development of both vertical
 -market and cross-discipline solutions, resulting in a strong and
 effective national sales organization."  The first AEGIS Symposium was
 held August 5 and 6 at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Sunnyvale, California
 and at the Cogswell Polytechnical College in Cupertino, California.
 Over 50 computer and music sales, third-party software, and Atari
 representative personnel were in attendance.  The program began with
 presentations by Atari President Greg Pratt, followed by other Atari
 notables such as Art Morgan, James Grunke, and Bob Brodie.  Even Jack
 Tramiel dropped by in the afternoon to shake hands and wish the group

 The keynote of the conference was "targeted selling".  MIDI and DTP were
 each singled out as the areas where Atari can and does excel, and these
 strengths were reinforced with sales techniques and technical insights.
 More than just an Atari program, the Aegis seminar featured key software
 developers, including:  C-Lab Software, Dr. T's Music Software, Hybrid
 Arts, Roland Corporation USA, Steinberg/Jones, Codehead Software,
 Goldleaf Publishing, Gribnif Software, ISD Marketing, Soft-logik
 Publishing and Step Ahead Software.

 Day two of the program split the dealers by their main product interest.
 The Music group went to the college at Cupertino for laboratory approach
 to their presentations, while the DTP group stayed at the hotel.  Both
 sessions featured comprehensive presentations of the products by the
 developers in attendance, involving the dealers in the software that
 they already have to sell.  By the dealers' increased understanding of
 the products and recognizing the power of the developers products, sales
 are expected to grow.

 A program of the "Professional Systems Group", the Aegis Strategic
 Partner Program was universally well received.  Mark Krynsky of The
 Computer Network in Glendale, California, said that he was encouraged
 far beyond his hopes by what he saw and heard at the seminars.  "I've
 already seen a significant effect on my store's sales after only a few
 days of implementation of what I learned at Aegis".  Dealers were also
 coached on how to approach the vertical markets with private
 professional seminar programs.  Many of the dealers are excited about
 the possibilities of these markets that they had previously not really
 considered.  Dealers were also cheered up considerably by the assurances
 of imminent arrival of large quantities of Atari hardware, including the
 much sought but back ordered Mega STe.

 Over and above the training function of Aegis' first sessions, the
 dealers and developers got to know each other on a much closer basis.
 A Monday evening party in Nevin Shalit's room (Step Ahead Software -
 Tracker ST) was attended by many, including Leonard Tramiel.  The social
 time was as valuable as many parts of the seminars to increase the sense
 of partnership in success in the Atari community... and offered an
 informal chance to discuss the hardware and software rumored to be
 forthcoming from Atari.

 Future sessions of the Aegis program are expected to be scheduled based
 on feedback and results of this first event.  They are expected to be
 similar, but topics will expand to include other high-potential areas
 like video as well as more DTP and MIDI applications.


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