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From: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Subject: Blue Ridge Atari Fest
Posted-By: xx004 (aa384 - Doug Wokoun)
Reply-To: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Date: Wed Aug 28 23:25:05 1991

Taken from: ST Report online magazine, issue #730 (July 26, 1991):


                           ATARI FEST IN THE SKY

 by Ralph F. Mariano

     Following this  diary like  report, there is the observations of other
 folks who were in attendance at the Blue Ridge Fest, I'm sure you'll enjoy
 those too.   Back to the Fest, we arrived early friday afternoon.  I drove
 up from Jacksonville with two of  my sons,  (there are  four).   One could
 immediately appreciate  the fine mountain air it was cooler than I was ac-
 customed to and it was fresh.  At night you could see lightning bugs.  Its
 been  reported  that  they  are  very  particular creatures, they will not
 populate an area that  does not  have high  quality air.   I  haven't seen
 lightning bugs yet in Jacksonville, Florida, it must be those effervescent
 paper mills that seem to "glow in the  night".   I visited  the mall where
 the  show  was  scheduled  to  be  held  and  found that everything was in
 readiness.  Sheldon Winick, owner of Computer Studio,  had everything well
 under  control  and...  I  might  add  this  fellow  is a class act all by
 himself.  His store was an oasis in  the eyes  of all  beholders.  Imagine
 how unique, an Atari store with hardware and software in stock!

     The show  began at  noon on Saturday I arrived shortly thereafter, the
 show was scheduled to run 'til  6pm that  same day.     The show certainly
 received plenty  of publicity via Sheldon's advertisements on TV promoting
 Atari and the show.  By the way, there was NO front money from  Atari, the
 front money came out of Sheldon's pocket.  I asked him if there was a pos-
 sibility of reimbursement and he was confident that  the co-op advertising
 arrangement Atari has for its dealers would cover the cost.

     Computer Studio is a fine example of a high quality Atari Store that's
 designed to cater to 'all' Atarians.  About 8 - 10 feet to the left of the
 entrance was  "the setup"  ..a TT, Calamus SL, a plotter and SLM605 laser.
 This was where Nathan spent the best part  of his  time showing  the finer
 points of  Calamus SL.   Between  those who were watching Nathan and those
 waiting in, what seemed  like, a  perpetually long  line to  the check out
 at the  cash register, there was a constant flow of people gathered around
 and passing by Nathan.  The store itself is an exercise in  perfection, an
 ideal example  of how  a first  rate store should appear.  There was ample
 software on display, (everywhere you looked),  plenty of  hardware for all
 to see  and touch  and of course, the needed inventory to satisfy everyone
 even the most discerning of shoppers.

     The  exhibitors  all  had  fine  mini-shows  going,  displaying  their
 products for  all to see.  A number of exhibitors declared they were 'sold
 out' at the end of the day.   Nevin Shalit,  Step Ahead  Software, said it
 was  an  excellent  day.    ICD  had  the  prototype  of  their  new 16Mhz
 accelerator on hand for all to  see.   Jeff Williams,  ICD's rep, detailed
 the design  to all who expressed an interest in the 1040STe 16Mhz upgrade.
 As usual, the appearance of the board was excellent and very professional.
 A&D Software  was well represented by B. Gockley and his wife, they did an
 excellent job of demoing A&D's fine offerings.  Goldleaf had their goodies
 giving cause  to all  who stopped by the exhibit to proclaim all the ooh's
 and aah's normally heard whenever the Atari computers get going with super
 impressive software.  ISD's Nathan Potechin was quite busy demoing Calamus
 SL in Sheldon's store and trying to keep up with the action  in the mall's

     The show's  seminars went  quite well,  there were two spacious rooms,
 one on the main concourse and the other  off to  one side,  setup to stage
 the informative  and entertaining  seminars in.   The afternoon's schedule
 was setup to present the seminars  concurrently in  both rooms  except for
 the last  two seminars  (STReport &  Atari).   They were scheduled to take
 place in the main seminar room on the concourse.   As a  result, they both
 were  SRO.  The  room  itself  sat  110 people.  Both the STReport and Bob
 Brodie seminars were packed and ran overtime.

     On a scale of 10, the show easily  reached a  10 and  is definitely on
 our list  of shows to participate in next year.  To Sheldon Winick and all
 the support folks from BRACE .. "A job well done!"


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