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Article #269 (376 is last):
From: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Subject: STReport Confidential - August 9, 1991
Posted-By: xx004 (aa384 - Doug Wokoun)
Reply-To: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Date: Wed Aug 28 23:28:32 1991

Taken from: ST Report online magazine, issue #732 (August 9, 1991):

 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL                         "ATARI NEWS FIRST!"

 - Toronto, Canada                   Waterloo Maple; No 5.0 for ST?

     Waterloo Maple, a Canadian software publisher producing an excellent
 symbolic math program for the ST and other platforms has released the new
 version 5.0.  However, the ST will not, at this time, be included due to
 poor sales for the ST version 4.3.  This does not however preclude an op-
 tion for its being done at a later date.  Maple 4.3 is the last version
 written for the ST.  Waterloo Maple may be reached at 519-747-2373.

 - Milwaukee, WI                           ATARI "SHOWS UP" @ GENCON!


     Atari had promised for several months to be a participant at the Gen-
 con show.  However, they will not be present as Atari computers in
 California reportedly did not work with Atari Games Division in Lombard,
 Il.  Apparently, both thought the other had secured booth space and
 neither did.  By the time the error was caught, it was too late.  Only
 MilAtari Usergroup will have a few machines there, not the representation
 originally promised and expected.  ITS NOT ACCURATE.... Clearly an example
 of either dis-information or paranoic reaction.

 I put it here to show how misleading or early info can be erroneous at
 publication time.

 And now....
 Bob Brodie is at GenCon at this time with a slew of machines setup for the
 use of spectators along with a large number of Lynx game machines.  The
 spectators seem to be enjoying the daylights out of "MidiMaze" or, so I am
 told.  I hope Bob's luggage catches up with him.... :-)

 - Austin, TX                          SFAN PROGRESS "VERY POSITIVE!"

     Despite some false starts with Atari shipping department the TT030 was
 successfully delivered to Michael Kelley of The Science Fiction, Fantasy &
 Adventure Network.  With two minor "glitches" (including no manual, no
 mouse, and a damaged-in-shipping keyboard) it's still not all "blue sky",
 but the Mega keyboard works fine and the BEST Trackball seems the proper
 fit for the TT.

     In company with the TT (actually arriving shortly before the TT030
 arrived on the doorstep) came LEXICOR's Prism-Paint and Chronos 3-D, as
 well as Calamus Outline Art, everything that Double-Click makes, and ad-
 vance access to PageStream v2.1 via the SoftLogik BBS.  Perhaps there is
 industry criticism of the lack of "TT-specific" software, but the function
 of the software that is installed on this TT is nothing short of amazing.
 LEXICOR's products are eye-catching and jaw-dropping; Calamus Outline Art
 zips along admirably; Double-Click's utility programs are indispensible
 (how much faster can something un-ARC?); and PageStream users will note
 that a page of 12-point text in one of the three CompuGraphic fonts
 requires a total of 7-9 SECONDS to format and start printing on the SLM804
 follow-on pages happen so fast they actualy stack up behind each other
 waiting to print and the output quality EQUALS PostScript (tested
 eyeball-to-eyeball against UltraScript output).

     Bill Rehbock and Mike Fulton at Atari have both been working harder
 and harder and we especially appreciate Mike Fulton's efforts, answers,
 and availability.  As things progress we anticipate a much closer
 relationship and continued development of the level of cooperation.

     Walter Koenig (STAR TREK's "Mr. Chekov") made his deal with Atari for
 a Mega STe4 and SLM605 laser printer, both of which have been delivered to
 Eidsvoog of Codehead Software for setup and delivery to Koenig.
 Anticipate seeing Koenig in a print ad sometime around the STAR TREK VI
 press push.

     SFA Network appreciates the cooperation of Atari, Sam Tramiel, Bill
 Rehbock, and Mike Fulton, as well as the other fine members of the
 Independent Association of Atari Developers who have given of their work
 to contribute to this effort.


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