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Article #272 (376 is last):
From: al163@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Brown)
Subject: Chicago ComputerFest Update
Posted-By: xx004 (aa519 - Scotty Meredith)
Date: Fri Nov  8 15:41:03 1991

Chicago ComputerFest by Atari 
Update- November 8th
We have added several new exhibitors to Chicago ComputerFest- we now
have only 3 main floor booths remaining, if you have an interest in 
attending as an exhibitor, please contact us immediately.
Our star-studded line-up so far:
Main Floor
 ABCO                                Kaleita Art
 Apple Annie                         Mainstream America
 Application and Design Software     Mars Merchandising
 ASTMUM Montreal User Group          MaxWell CPU
 Atari Corp.                         Megatype
 Atari Entertainment                 Michtron
 Atari Explorer                      Micro Creations
 Atari Interface Magazine            Migraph
 BEST Electronics                    Missionware
 Branch Always Software              M-S Designs
 Clear Thinking                      One Stop
 CodeHead Software                   Oregon Research Associates
 CompuSeller West                    Phil Comeau Software
 CSA Ltd.                            Rimik
 C-Lab                               Rising STar Computers
 Double Click Software               Roland Corp.
 D.A. Brumleve                       SKware-One
 Electronic Spinster Graphics        Soft Logik
 eSTeem                              ST Informer
 Gribnif                             Step Ahead
 Guitar Plus                         Sudden, Inc.
 Hybrid Arts                         Toad Computers
 ICD                                 WizWorks!
 ISD Marketing                       Wuztek/OPI
 JMG Software                        Zubair Interfaces
8-bit Area
 Atari Game Developers Arena         LJK
 Computer Software Services (CSS)    Mars Merchandising
 Dataque                             Newell Industries
 ICD                                 Palette Imaging
 K.O. Distributors                   RACC (Rockford User Group- Demos)
 LCACE                               ReeveSoft
 Atari corporation and ICD have promised that a VAST amount of 8-bit 
hardware and software will be available from them in the 8-bit area.
This show may be the last chance for 8-bit users to obtain some of these
items- don't be left out!
 Atari Entertainment has promised a special gift "while they last" for 
Chicago ComputerFest by Atari attendees. I have promised not to give
specifics about what will be given away, but it will certainly be worth
your while to be in line early Saturday to get in the door!
 You may collect your gift on the main floor where we have the door prize
drop box.
 Our seminar schedule is one of the most comprehensive ever to be assembled
for an Atari-related event. There will be something for everyone both days!
For a tentative listing of seminars, please see the end of this update
for the full schedule.
 Advance ticket orders for the show banquet must be received by Nov 14th;
please call the show hotline or mail your requests in NOW!
 GEnie is the official source for Chicago ComputerFest by Atari information,
please stop by the ST Roundtable, Category 11 (Shows) Topic 10 (Chicago
ComputerFest by Atari) for the latest in information, and show specials
by our exhibitors.
 Our "hands on" training seminars have been finalized, please see the seminar
schedule at the end of this update for the times and subjects- each session
requires advance registration and a $15 "materials fee". Contact us now
to make reservations.
 The Ramada Hotel O'Hare is holding our reserved block of rooms for the show
until November 10th. If you need rooms, please call the Ramada directly at
708-827-5131 and ask for the reservations desk- be sure to mention that 
you want the Atari Corporation rate and ask for a written confirmation.
Those of you who have already reserved rooms, and have not received a
written confirmation, please request one to assure that you are getting
the Atari-negotiated rates.
 Seminar Schedule    
(Tentative- Subject to change)
 D-1 room (seating- 90)
  Saturday November 23
   12:00 Noon  Clear Thinking- Ed Hak, Metapsycology
    1:00 PM    Aladdin PC/GEnie/HUGS meeting with Juan Jimenez
               On-Line Demo / TnT / Prizes for attendees.
    2:00 PM    Sudden, Inc- Sudden View.
    3:00 PM    Missionware- FLASH II.
               On-Line Demo 
    4:00 PM    Aladdin ST/GEnie with Tim Purves.
               On-Line Demo / TnT
  Sunday November 24
   11:00 AM    Atari Inc.- Tech Topics/TOS.
   12:00 Noon  Double Click- Real Time Data Compression.
    1:00 PM    Aladdin ST/GEnie with Gordon Monnier.
               On-Line Demo / TnT
    2:00 PM    Atari Explorer- Atari Journalism with John Jainschigg.
    3:00 PM    Aladdin PC/GEnie with Juan Jimenez
               On-Line Demo / TnT
    4:00 PM    ICD, Inc. HD/Mass storage tips.
 D-2 room (seating- 90)
  Saturday November 23
   11:30 AM    D.A. Brumleve- Using Computers to Foster Creative Thinking
                              by Michael Marks.
   12:30 PM    Step Ahead- Tracker ST 3.0.
    1:30 PM    Codehead- Professional Graphics tools.
    2:30 PM    Rimik- Multi GEM Demonstration.
    3:30 PM    Electronic Spinster Graphics- Spinning graphics from bits.
  Sunday November 24
   11:30 AM    Gribnif- Rick Flashman presents Arabesque Professional
   12:30 PM    SK-Ware One- Seruat Demo/TnT.
    1:30 PM    Step Ahead- Retouche Pro CD.
    2:30 PM    eSTeem, Inc- eSTeem PILOT Authoring Language.
    3:30 PM    JMG Software- Hyper LINK.
 D-3 room (seating- 90)
  Saturday November 23
   11:00 AM     Missionware- LottODDS.
   12:00 Noon   Dataque- Future of the 8-bit.
    1:00 PM     ReeveSoft- GUI on the 8-bit.
    2:00 PM     Atari Explorer- Magazine Production with John Jainschigg.
    3:00 PM     RACC- 8-bit Printer Codes in popular WP's.
    4:00 PM     Branch Always- GEMulator PC
  Sunday November 24
   11:00 AM     Atari/Motorola- 680xx internals (Tentative)
   12:00 Noon   Atari Entertainment- Lynx Gaming tips and technique.
    1:00 PM     Dataque- T8/16 Q&A.
    2:00 PM     Application & Design Software- Universal NETwork.
    3:00 PM     Compuseller West- Do-it-yourself ST Repairs.
    4:00 PM     (TBD)    
 VIP room (seating- 75) MIDI Workshop
  Saturday November 23
   12:00 Noon   C-Lab- Productivity for the musical artist.
    1:00 PM     Roland Corporation- New Products.
    2:00 PM     Atari Corp- Atari ST's and the professional musician.
    3:00 PM     Hybrid Arts- Product Workshop
    4:00 PM     ASTMUM- MIDI Tips and Tricks.
  Sunday November 24
   12:00 Noon   Hybrid Arts- "Hands On".           
    1:00 PM     Guitar Plus- MIDI Jam session. (tentative)
    3:00 PM     Roland Corporation- New Products Demo.
    4:00 PM     C-Lab- Product seminar.
 Salon I, II, III, IV (seating- 300)
  Saturday November 23
    1:00 PM     Atari Corp- "Atari Speaks"
    3:00 PM     Atari Entertainment Division- "New Games & Systems"
    4:00 PM     ABCO- "ST Report" by Ralph Mariano
    6:45 PM     Chicago ComputerFest Banquet
                 $25.00 per person- advance.
                 Main Speaker- Greg Pratt, President Atari U.S. 
  Sunday November 24
    1:00 PM     What's New From Atari
    3:00 PM     Guitar Plus- Beginning MIDI
 Plaza III, IV (seating- 36, reservations required)
  Saturday ($15 materials charge) 
   11:00        Introduction to Calamus with Mario Georgio
    2:00        Introduction to PageStream with Dan Weiss
  Sunday   ($15 materials charge)
   10:30        Advanced PageStream TnT with Dan Weiss
    1:00        Advanced Calamus TnT with Mario Georgio
For more information or reservations:
 Chicago ComputerFest by Atari
 P.O. Box 8788
 Waukegan, IL  60079-8788
 708-566-0682 (Order and Show hotline)
 Please Make Checks Payable to "Lake County Area Computer Enthusiasts"
 We accept Master Card and Visa for all orders
 GEmail- M.Brown56, L.Grauzas
 Compuserve- 70416,144
 America Online- SteveK7611
If you need to leave a message on the show hotline, please leave
complete information, credit card numbers, area codes, etc- thank you!
See you in the Windy City!

I for one am really looking forward to attending!  anyone else??


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