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From: as666@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Jonathan Roy)
Subject: SupraFAXModem
Posted-By: xx004 (aa399 - Len Stys)
Date: Sat Feb  1 12:00:05 1992

     Supra Breaks Price Barrier With Powerful SupraFAXModems 14,400 
bps Fax and Data (V.32bis) Modem for only $399 ALBANY, OR, January
1992 - A wide range of features - fax, data, voice, caller ID, unique
status display, small case, and very attractive price - all combine to
make the new SupraFAXModem(tm) family of modems from Supra Corporation
an intriguing new opportunity for computer users.  The
SupraFAXModem(tm) V.32bis features 14,400 bps fax and data for $399.95
retail, and the SupraFAXModem V.32 features 9600 bps fax and data for
$299.95 retail. On the fax side, both modems feature Class 1 and 2
commands, compatibility with Group 3 fax machines, and the ability to
send and receive faxes directly from the computer.  On the data side,
both modems support communication at speeds ranging from 300 bps to
14,400 bps (9600 bps for the SupraFAXModem V.32), plus they also
support CCITT V.42bis, MNP 2-5, and MNP 10 data compression and error
correction protocols.  When using V.42bis (4:1 compression), the
SupraFAXModem V.32bis provides up to 57,600 bps throughput, and the
SupraFAXModem V.32, up to 38,400 bps throughput.  

     Both modems also feature a revolutionary status display, which
allows for an unlimited number of status messages.  In a display that
looks similar to a digital clock, the modems presently give the user
up to 25 different messages, conveying things like connection rate and
type (FX), dialing (DI), ringing (RI), and transmission error (TE).
This display is a great advantage compared with most other modems,
whose finite number of indicator lights limit how much information
they can convey to the user.  All of these features are packed into a
case about the size of two decks of playing cards placed side by side
(1" x 4.5" x 6.5") - a case that is half the size of many other V.32
and V.32bis modems.

     All that's needed to use an external SupraModem is a computer (or
terminal) with an RS-232C interface, communications software, and a
cable to connect the modem to the computer.  Everything else is
included:  the modem, operator's manual, quick-reference card, power
adapter, and telephone cable.  Voice & Caller ID SupraFAXModems also
support two important features - voice and caller ID - that can be
enabled through low-cost, user-installable firmware upgrades available
mid-1992.  The voice feature allows the modems to send and receive
digitized voice and implement several voice functions.  The modems can
compress and uncompress voice data for efficient storage, generate and
recognize touch tones, and sample at various frequencies, depending on
the quality level desired.  This feature will be useful for
interactive applications such as voice mail, answering machines, and
digital announcers.  Caller ID (where available) allows the number
from which an incoming call was dialed to be displayed on the user's
screen before the call is answered.  This will be useful for secure
communications, automatic identification of incoming calls, and
interactive voice applications.  Innovation & Chip Sets Combine For
Killer Pricing.

     At $299.95 and $399.95 retail, respectively, the SupraFAXModem 
V.32 and SupraFAXModem V.32bis are about 1/2 to 1/3 the price of
similar modems. Supra is able to offer these prices because of
innovative designs and state-of-the-art chip sets from Rockwell
International.  "We are very excited about the power we're putting 
into our customers' hands, and the outstanding quality we are able to
deliver at these very affordable prices," said John Wiley, President
of Supra Corporation.  In addition to the stand-alone modems, packages
that include cables and software will be available for IBM PC and
Macintosh computers.  IBM PC internal models will also be available.

    Supra Corporation Supra Corporation, based in Albany, Oregon, has
been providing personal computer users with high-quality, low-cost
peripherals since 1985.  The SupraFAXModems (including the previously
announced 9600 bps fax/2400 bps data SupraFAXModem Plus) are the
latest additions to the popular SupraModem(tm) family.  Since the
original SupraModem 2400 was introduced in 1987, SupraModems have been
popular among consumers looking for excellent value in a reliable
modem, and have been recommended by a variety of sour, from respected
PC Magazine and MacUser columnist John C. Dvorak to the Berkeley
Macintosh User's Group (BMUG).  In addition to manufacturing a
complete line of fax and data modems, Supra makes a variety of
peripherals for Commodore Amiga computers. 

Supra Corporation
7101 SW Supra Drv
Albany, OR  97321
503-967-2400  (main 8-5pst)
503-967-2401  (Fax)
503-967-2410  (Sales 7-5pst)
800-727-8772  (Sales 7-5pst)
503-967-2440  (Tech Support 9-4pst)
503-967-2444  (BBS, 2 line v32bis)
CompuServe       76004,565
GEnie            SupraTech
Bix              SupraCorp
American Online  SupraCorp2
SupraFAXModem Packages 
for Macintosh and IBM PC Compatibles 
Provide Everything User Needs

ALBANY, OR, January 1992 - Supra's two newest modems - the SupraFAXModem 

     V.32bis and the SupraFAXModem V.32 - are available as 
stand-alone units that work with any computer with an RS-232C port,
and as packages that include software and cables for Macintosh and IBM
PC compatible  computers. The packages provide everything the user
needs to get started using the modem immediately.

     The Macintosh packages are compatible with System 7 and include
FAXstf(tm) fax software, award-winning MicroPhone(tm) 1.5
telecommunications software, a

     CompuServe Information Managerter kit and software, and online 
service offers.  Also included in the Macintosh packages are a modem
cable, phone cable, and manuals.

     IBM packages are available with internal and external 
SupraFAXModems for DOS and Windows.  Windows packages include Winfax
software, online service offers, and all required cables and manuals.
(Windows comes with its own telecom software.)  DOS packages include
FaxTalk Plus software, Mirror telecommunications software, online
service offers, and all required cables and manuals.

SupraFAXModem Retail Prices
SupraFAXModem V.32bis    Stand-Alone             $399.95
SupraFAXModem V.32       Stand-Alone             $299.95
SupraFAXModem V.32bis    Macintosh               $479.95
SupraFAXModem V.32       Macintosh               $379.95
SupraFAXModem V.32bis    IBM PC external         $449.95
SupraFAXModem V.32bis    IBM PC internal         $389.95
SupraFAXModem V.32       IBM PC external         $349.95
SupraFAXModem V.32       IBM PC internal         $289.95
                         DOS or Windows package

     Various upgrade offers will let owners of earlier SupraModems 
upgrade to fax capabilities. Supra also has a sysop program for the
stand-alone versions. The Supra Sales Department can provide customers
with more information at 1-800-727-8772 or 503-967-2410.

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