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From: ah292@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Robert Krynak)
Subject: ACE 92 show
Posted-By: xx004 (aa400 - John J. Lehett)
Reply-To: ah292@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Robert Krynak)
Date: Wed Mar 11 12:51:04 1992


CONTACT: John R. Sheehan, SJ
         TAF President - (416) 926-1518
         GEnie: J. Sheehan14

                              + + + 

     On April 4th and 5th, Atari Canada and the Toronto Atari 
Federation will host what may be the most exciting Atari event in 
North America in 1992. To be held at the Skyline Hotel on Dixon 
Road, near Pearson International Airport, , ACE '92, the Atari 
Canadian Exposition will feature the most outstanding developers 
in the Atari world with some of the latest programs and program 
updates. Local dealers will exhibit the latest hardware and 
peripherals, and user groups from across Canada and the United 
States will be on hand to share Public Domain and Shareware 
programs and exchange knowledge. Door prizes throughout both days 
of the show, special show prices and several major door prize 
packages will add to the excitement.

     Facilities will include a 22,000 square foot convention 
area, an additional 7,000 square foot display and exhibit space, 
and 7 separate meeting rooms that will host a wide range of 
seminars, demonstrations and mini-concerts. On Saturday evening, 
a formal banquet will bring together local users with major 
figures in the present and future course of Atari. 

     This is the third major convention that the Toronto Atari 
Federation has hosted in recent years. As one of the largest user 
groups in Canada, if not all of North America, TAF has 
consistently helped bring the best and most contemporary computer 
technology to Toronto users. With membership of approximately 
300, TAF will provide the core volunteers that make an event like 
this possible. However, other user groups will also be invited to 
participate, to help stimulate exchange of information among the 
various Atari groups in this region and to help broaden the base 
of support for this special event.

     Atari Canada General Manager Geoff Earle has said that this 
April event could easily surpass the recent Chicago convention, 
both in attendance and participation by developers and 
programmers. Basing their participation on the successful Chicago 
model, Atari Canada will assume many of the initial commitment 
costs, including facility costs and advertising. TAF will 
coordinate activities and provide volunteer help. TAF President 
John R. Sheehan, SJ noted, "The enthusiasm of our members is the 
reason we felt this was a good time for a show. So many members 
had been asking about a show, and volunteering to help that we 
felt we really could present a spectacular two-day event. We 
couldn't try it without our volunteers, but with their help, this 
April will see the most exciting Atari show Toronto has ever 

     Packets for dealers and developers are being prepared and 
should be mailed by the ensd of January. Information packets for 
user groups will be available at around the same time. The 
Skyline Hotel will be offering special room rates to 
participants, and special travel plans should also be announced 
shortly. To be placed on the mailing list for Convention 
information, please send your name, address, and affiliation 
(developer, user group, dealer, etc.) to TAF's mailing address, 
5334 Yonge Street, Suite 1527, Toronto, ON  M2N 6M2 or leave a 
message at (416) 425-5357.

                ACE 92 TO FEATURE GAMES AND 8-BIT

    ACE '92, the Atari Canadian Exposition, will be held in 
Toronto on April 4th and 5th. As part of the many different 
events scheduled for the two-day exposition, two separate games 
areas will be set up with equipment provided by Atari Canada. A 
nominal charge of $1.00 will be levied for admission to each 
area, with all funds raised here to be donated to Sick Children's 
Hospital in Toronto. Admission to the Games Area is in addition 
to the regular admission charge. 

     Area 1 - THE LYNX CHALLENGE. The $1.00 contribution admits 
participants to a timed game playing session. The high score in 
each session is registered. At the end of each day, a special 
prize package will be awarded to the high score of the day. The 
package will be provided by Atari Canada and will include: One 
Lynx machine, AC adaptor, and a collection of games. 

     Area 2 - GST AREA (Games - Sampling and TryOut) $1 
contribution admits the participant to sample one game cartridge. 
A variety of games for the Lynx will be available, but each 
"Tryout" requires a separate admission to the area.

    Many of the dealers present will be offering special 
discounts on a wide range of game for different Atari machines, 
as well as significant savings on games cartridges and games 
programs. Although most of the exposition will feature more 
"serious" applications on the Atari platform, there will be a 
good selection of games available, and serious players to share 
hints and help.

    There will also be a special area for 8-bit dealers and 
developers, a place for the dedicated XL/XE user, those who still 
have and use the 800 and 400 machines. Although commercial 
programs are getting harder to find, many clubs will have their 
public domain and shareware libraries available, and dealers who 
still have 8-bit material will have it available.

    ACE 92 will be held at the Skyline Hotel on Dixon Road, near 
Pearson International Airport. Further information, exhibitor's 
kits, advertising rates and advance ticket sales may be obtained 
by contacting ACE '92 c/o TAF, 5334 Yonge Street, Suite 1527, 
Willowdale, Ontario M2N 6M2. Contact: John R. Sheehan, SJ (TAF 
President) (416) 926-1518. TAF BBS: (416) 235-0318, TAF InfoLine 
and Voice Message: (416) 425-3537. 


    One of the highlights of any convention is the chance to meet 
and talk with people who share interests. At a major 
international gathering like ACE '92, the leading creators of 
Atari software and hardware will be present and available. ACE 
'92, the Atari Canadian Exposition, to be held on April 4th and 
5th, will bring together the outstanding dealers and developers 
in the Atari field for two days of seminars, sales and showing 

    Many times, however, the press of crowds and business make it 
difficult to have the kind of in-depth talk you might wish. 
Developers are busy, crowds make conversation impossible, and the 
schedule of seminars and special events puts pressure on 
everyone. To help people spend more time together, a Gala Banquet 
will be held at the Skyline Hotel on Saturday night, April 4th.

    A cash bar will open at 7PM, where participants can gather 
for drinks and conversation. Dinner will begin at 8PM, and will 
feature Filet of Beef Wellington with Madeira sauce, accompanied 
by Almond Beans, Carrots and Cauliflower. Dinner will begin with 
a Seafood Cocktail, followed by Tomato and Fennel Bisque. Dessert 
will be Fresh Berries Romanoff.

    Following dinner, the finalists in the ACE Talent Contest 
will present or perform their entries. Selected from 
presentations made during the dasy, the top 3 in the areas of 
MIDI and Graphics will show off their creations on the Atari 
computer. Master of Ceremonies for the evening will be Geoff 
Earle, General Manager of Atari Canada, who promises that the 
evening will also contain surprises "not advertised in advance". 
However, he also promises that the program will not be long, so 
that people will have the chance to meet and talk and share their 
experiences. Following the formal proceedings, a special room has 
been set aside for ACE participants, so that conversation and 
celebration can continue as long as people wish.

    Cost for the Banquet is $40 (Cdn) per person, which includes 
all taxes and gratuities. Tickets may be obtained from Atari 
Canada or from the Toronto Atari Federation. 

of the commitments to the caterer, tickets must be obtained in 
advance, and no banquet tickets will be available at ACE '92. It 
promises to be one of the highlights of the week-end, but it will 
require advance commitment.

       ACE 92 will be held at the Skyline Hotel on Dixon Road, near 
Pearson International Airport. Further information, exhibitor's 
kits, advertising rates and advance ticket sales may be obtained 
by contacting ACE '92 c/o TAF, 5334 Yonge Street, Suite 1527, 
Willowdale, Ontario M2N 6M2. Contact: John R. Sheehan, SJ (TAF 
President) (416) 926-1518. TAF BBS: (416) 235-0318, TAF InfoLine 
and Voice Message: (416) 425-3537. 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                      
Contact:  John R. Sheehan, SJ
          TAF - (416) 926-1518
          BBS - (416) 235-0318


     As part of the Atari Canadian Exposition, ACE '92, April 
4/5, a special talent competition has been announced. To 
demonstrate the many ways that Atari computers can be used in 
creative entertainment, two divisions will be open for 
submissions. The contest is open to all Atari Users.

     MUSIC AND SOUND - Since Atari has long been an industry 
leader in MIDI applications, one division will be open for 
applications of sound and music. Entries may be live performance, 
combination of live and pre-created or totally pre-created 
arrangements of music and sound. Entries may be original 
compositions or adaptations of existing material. (Initial 
submission must be made on cassette tape; if accompanied by 
visual effects, appropriate disk program or description must also 
be included.)

     GRAPHICS OR ANIMATION - Since Atari can manipulate over 
sixteen million separate colors, visual arts provides another 
rich field for creative work. In this field, entrants may submit 
animated segments, or graphics displays. Submissions may include 
"slide shows" of created works, demonstrations of works being 
created, or animated creations of any type. Entertainment value 
will be the criteria for judging.

     Individual presentations should last no more than 10 
minutes. Entries will go through preliminary judging, and those 
who are accepted will make public presentations or performances 
throughout the day on Saturday, April 4th, at ACE '92. 
Performances will be open to those attending the Exposition at no 
charge, and judging of finalists will take place prior to 4PM.  
Winners will attend the evening banquet as guests of Atari 
Canada. Each contestant will present their entries or 
performances at the evening banquet, at which time they will be 
judged a second time, and prizes awarded. Judging will be on the 
basis of creative use of the computer and entertainment value. 
First prize in each division will be a $700 gift certificate from 
Atari Canada, good towards the purchase of any Atari product, and 
a one-year membership in the Toronto Atari Federation. Second 
place winners will receive a $200 gift certificate from Atari 
Canada, and their choice of 10 disks from the TAF Library. Third 
Place Winners will receive a $100 Gift Certificate, and their 
choice of 5 disks.

     For an entry form, contact: ACE '92, c/o TAF, 5334 Yonge 
Street, Suite 1527, Toronto, ON  M2N 6M2. Or call John R. 
Sheehan, SJ, TAF President, at (416) 926-1518, or leave a message 
on the TAF BBs, (416) 425-0318.

Conf : Open Forem
Msg# : 1589  Lines: Extended  Read: 3
Sent : Mar 5, 1992 at 2:12 AM
To   : All
Subj : ACE Update

                                          5 March 1992
    The Atari Canadian Exposition, ACE '92, to be held in Toronto 
on April 4th and 5th, will be the site of a number of new 
programs for the Atari computer, as well as the first time users 
in North America will get to see new Atari hardware and 
peripherals that have long been under development.
    Although specific details are not presently available, Atari 
has long promised that any new hardware that will be shown at the 
upcoming CEBIT Show in Hanover Germany (which opens on March 11) 
will also be shown in Toronto. Atari has not yet released 
specific details of what that will include, but at a February 
20th meeting of the Toronto Atari Federation, both Atari Canada 
General Manager Geoff Earle and Atari U.S. Director of 
Communications Bob Brodie indicated that there will be exciting 
new computer products to be shown.
    One definite star will be the Atari ST Notebook, a small
laptop computer with a 40 meg harddrive and an estimated battery 
life of ten hours on a single charge. One was available at the 
recent TAF meeting for users to try out, and it created great 
    But Atari won't be the only company making announcements and 
demonstrating new developments at ACE '92. ISD Marketing will 
host a workshop at which features of the new Calamus SL will be 
not only demonstrated but taught, and FLASH II, the long-awaited 
communications program will be available for purchase, as well as 
being the subject of demonstrations. ABC Solutions promises that 
not only will they have upgrades for First Word Plus and 
Timeworks Desktop Publisher, they will be releasing a new CAD 
program by a local Toronto developer.
    Darek Mihocka will be present to demonstrate his long-
discussed GEMulator, the program that will let Atari programs 
run on DOS-based machines, and Dragonware will be showing (and 
selling) an internal battery modification for the STacy. 
Additionally, this new company in the field of software 
development will be showing off 5 programs, including one that 
manages GDOS and FSM-GDOS set-up. Joppa has hinted that they will 
have a new program, as has WizWorks, and Fair Dinkum has 
definitely announced it will have Cryptographer ready for public 
demonstration and distribution. 
    Dorothy Brumleve, rightfully famous for her children's 
productivity programs, has announced that MULTIPLAY, a brand new 
program of "Math Exploration, Discovery, and Practice" will make 
its debut at ACE '92. A math program for ages 5-11, it is 
adaptable to the child's age and ability, and features games, 
drills and puzzles. Additionally, there will be an upgrade for
KidPublisher to version 6.4. (The upgrade will be FREE to those 
who bought 6.1 at the last TAF Show in 1990.)
    Clear Thinking will not only have EdHak 2.3, but will have 
Metapsychology Primer available. And speaking of new things, 
Advantage, the new Atari magazine, will not only have 6 
subscriptions available as door prizes, 1,000 copies of the new 
publication will be available at no charge to the first 500 
people entering the show each day. 
    Press releases and announcements are still coming in, but ACE 
'92 seems to be the place to make announcements and show off 
what Atari developers and creators have been doing over the 
winter. To see what's new and exciting in the world of Atari 
computers, ACE '92 is obviously the place to be!
     For an up to date list of those attending, exhibitor kits, 
display advertising rates, Talent Show entry forms or any other 
ACE information, contact ACE '92, c/o Toronto Atari Federation, 
5334 Yonge St, Suite 1527, Willowdale, ON M2N 6M2. For faster 
response, call Paul Collard, Exhibit and Volunteer Coordinator 
(416) 477-2085, or John R. Sheehan, SJ, TAF President, (416) 926-
1518. GEnie J.Sheehan14. TAF BBS: (416) 235-0318, TAF InfoLine 
and Voice Message: (416) 425-5357.

Conf : Open Forem
Msg# : 1622  Lines: Extended  Read: 4
Sent : Mar 10, 1992 at 12:50 AM
To   : All
Subj : ACE 92

Well I thought you might like to know some news about the show, so here
is a partial list of whose coming
ABC Solutions
WinterTree (formerly Phil Comeau...Gramslam has new version out for
Micro Creations will be debuting new Terminal and BBS program with a
                copy of BBS program to any User Group showing ID
Gadgets by Small
Branch Always
Click Here
D.A. Brumleve debuting new Math program
CodeHeads brand new Quick ST ($20 upgrade fee)
Sudden Incorp
Gribnif Software
Double Click
Joppa Software new send and receive fax modem software
PI Pracision
Missionware ..Flash II will be ready
Atari Interface Mag.
Clear Thinking
JMG Software
.....will keep you informed as new ones come in......Paul Collard

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