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From: ah292@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Robert Krynak)
Subject: ACE 92 update
Posted-By: xx004 (aa399 - Len Stys)
Reply-To: ah292@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Robert Krynak)
Date: Fri Mar 20 10:50:17 1992

from TAF bbs:

Conf : Open Forem
Msg# : 1645  Lines: Extended  Read: 17
Sent : Mar 13, 1992 at 10:19 PM
To   : All
Subj : ACE Update

                                                 12 March 1992
     So far, 70% of the available booth space for ACE '92, the 
premiere Atari Show, has been contracted, and verbal commitments 
have been made for several other booths. Those attending the 
April 4th and 5th event in Toronto include:
     Dorothy Brumleve                    Codehead Software
     WizWorks                            Wintertree Software
     Fair Dinkum                         ABC Solutions
     Gribnif                             ISD Marketing
     Joppa                               Missionware Software
     Dragonware                          Sudden Inc.
     Clear Thinking                      Atari Interface Magazine
     PI Precision Imports                Compustore
     Goldleaf                            Branch Always
     JMG Software                        Compuworld
     Click Here                          Double Click
     David Small                         Micro-Creation
     British Magazines                   Best Electronics
     Toad Computers                      Software Sales
     GEnie Canada                        Compustore       
     MTST (Atari Club)                   HBO (Atari Club)

     New products and programs continue to be announced for what 
is rapidly turning into an extraordinary Atari event. Micro-
Creations' new GIME BBS program will be available at ACE '92, and 
a FREE COPY of the single line version will be presented to any 
Atari club president who can present identifying credentials. 
(They also have a dual line BBS program available.) Gadgets by 
Small will be present, and word is that the Mega ST FastBoard 
will be available at the show. 
     The printed word will be well represented as well. Atari 
Interface Magazine will have a booth, and an introductory copy of 
Atari Advantage magazine will be presented to the first 500 
attendees each day of the show. The Computer Paper, a Canada wide 
computer newspaper that has just started publishing in Ontario,
will be given to each person attending, and copies of the well-
known Current Notes will also be available. British Magazines is
a local distributor who imports a number of foreign computer 
magazines at discount prices, and will be featuring the latest in 
foreign publications. Many clubs will have their own newsletters 
available, and a number of developers regularly issue their own 
newsletters and bulletins to keep users up to date on new 
programs and updates.
     Video digitizing will be featured at the Goldleaf booth, 
and visitors will have the opportunity to get their picture taken 
with some well known Atari personages (whether the famous person 
is there or not!). Jopppa's new STraight FAX software (designed 
to work with Class 2 compliant send/receive FAX modems) links ST 
computers to FAX machines, and GEMulator will help bridge the gap 
for IBM/Atari users. Atari has long been able to emulate IBM and 
Apple hardware, now users will be able to run their Atari 
programs on IBM machines. 
     A continued stream of door prize donations continues to 
increase the potential value of an ACE admission ticket. Door 
prizes will be drawn every half hour throughout both days of ACE 
'92, and there will be a number of extra draws and prizes 
throughout each day. In addition, many dealers and developers 
will be offering special draws and show specials at individual 
    For an up to date list of those attending, exhibitor kits, 
display advertising rates, Talent Show entry forms or any other 
ACE information, contact ACE '92, c/o Toronto Atari Federation, 
5334 Yonge St, Suite 1527, Willowdale, ON M2N 6M2. For faster 
response, call Paul Collard, Exhibit and Volunteer Coordinator 
(416) 477-2085, or John R. Sheehan, SJ, TAF President, (416) 926-
1518. GEnie J.Sheehan14. TAF BBS: (416) 235-0318, TAF InfoLine 
and Voice Message: (416) 425-5357.

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