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Subject: Atari Advantage Falcon Overview!
Posted-By: xx004 (aa400 - John J. Lehett)
Edited-By: xx004 (aa400 - John J. Lehett)
Date: Sat Aug  1 23:16:02 1992

     ///  A T A R I   A D V A N T A G E   M A G A Z I N E        ///
    ///            Contents  --  June/July 1992                 ///

 FALCON'030 REVEALED!  --  The next generation of home computer is
 """"""""""""""""""""      on the way and the Falcon'030 leads the
                           pack with power and features.
 FALCON'030 at a GLANCE:
  * Motorola 68030 Microprocessor running at 16MHz,
    multi-tasking capable
  * Motorola 68881 or 68882 16MHz Floating point coprocessor
  * Motorola DSP 56001 Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
  * 1 to 16MB of memory and 512KB of ROM
  * 16 bit BLiTTER Graphics coprocessor running at 16 MHz
  * Enhanced Broadcast TV quality Video
    -- "True Color" 320x200 resolution, 32,768 colors or 640x480
       resolution, 256 colors from a 264,144 color palette
    -- VGA or Video 320 or 640 by 200 or 400 resolution, 2, 16, or
       256 colors from a 262,144 color palette
    -- Standard STe video modes with a 4096 color palette
    -- RF modulator and VGA monitor connections
    -- Overscan support
    -- Genlock and multi-media capable
    -- Graphics overlay and video tiling
    -- Enhanced high speed 16MHz Blitter graphics co-processor
    -- STe horizontal scrolling
  * "CD quality" stereo sound
    -- Stereo 16 bit Analog to Digital inputs
    -- Stereo 16 bit Digital to Analog outputs
    -- Eight channel stereo DMA sound engine with 16 bit PCM digital
       record/playback with up to 50KHz sample rates
    -- Stereo 8 bit STe compatible PCM sound
    -- ST compatible 3 channel PSG sound
    -- Multiplexer to connect Codec, DSP and DMA sound engine
    -- Stereo microphone inputs and headphone outputs connected to a
       16 bit stereo codec
    -- DSP digital audio connector, up to 1MHz data transfer rate
    -- Built-in monophonic speaker
  * 1.44MB floppy drive
  * Built-in IDE 2 1/2" hard drive interface (drive optional)
  * SCSI II peripheral interface (hard drive, tape drive, etc.)
  * Mega STe/TT compatible local area network (LAN) interface
  * Enhanced modem/RS232 port
  * ST and STe compatible joystick/controller ports
  * Built-in "processor direct" expansion connectors
  * On board real time clock and battery backed up RAM
  * MIDI input and output
  * Parallel printer port
  * Enhanced keyboard controller allows 300 DPI mice

 CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW -- Atari expects to have over 80 Lynx
 """""""""""""""""""""""""    titles available and 2 million cats sold
                              by the end of the year.
 == Editors Desk ...... Just a few words from the humble staff.
 == Rumor City ........ What's new and what's not.
 == MIDI Notes ........ Discover the world of MIDI.
 == EuroGames ......... Reports from our European correspondent.
 == Lynx Line ......... Hints, tips, and reviews on those hot games.

 == New & Improved .... New and improved products announced
 == Briefs ............ Late breaking news
 == Events ............ What's coming up?

 == Abaresque Professional.. Powerful bitmap/vector illustration tool.
 == Multiplay .............. Math exploration, discovery and practice.
 == Blues and Jazz ......... Blues, jazz and rock keyboard skills.
 == MEGA Check ............. ST/TT finance management.
 == WARP 9 - v3.60 ......... Software screen acceleration to the max.

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

A closing note from Darren Meer:

   There is one area of transition that I need to tell you about --
that being the world of magazines.  This issue is not only historical
in its content, it also marks the last issue of "Atari Advantage"
Mike and I will be involved in.  We have been asked to join the "Atari
Explorer" staff and bring our style of coverage and production
values.  "Atari Advantage" will be left in the hands of a very capable
and extremely energetic group of writers and users who will introduce
themselves in next month's issue.  We are really excited about the
opportunity to join "Explorer", and feel confident that the Atari
market will be well served by both magazines for a long time to come.

  If any of you have any concerns as to how this affects your
subscriptions, articles or advertisements, please don't hesitate to
call or write us to express your feelings.  We want you to get your
money's worth and will do what ever we can to make sure your do.

   And finally, we want to thank all of you who have waited so
patiently for this issue to arrive.  Between the Falcon coverage and
negotiations with Atari, our schedule got completely thrown out of
whack.  Those things along with the intense Murphy field that has been
hovering over our offices, combined to make this an especially
memorable issue for us as well ( he said with a big twisted smile).

                               . . .                        RjR  8/92

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