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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Free ads in Atari Classics
Reply-To: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Posted-By: xx004 (aa700 - Michael Current)
Date: Mon Sep  7 20:20:39 1992

September 2, 1992
For immediate network release.
Subject :  Free Ads in Atari Classics!
From: Ben Poehland, Managing Editor

Greetings to all the Denizens of Telecom Networks!

Atari Classics magazine has made a bold decision to attempt to launch its 
Premier Issue and main subscription drive at the WAACE Atarifest in Reston,
Virginia, USA October 10-11.  Our Staff and Publisher are shifting into high
gear in an attempt to meet this challenging goal.  Frankly, we aren't 100%
sure we'll make it, but we're sure gonna give it every ounce of effort!  The
Premier Issue itself will be used to launch our subscription drive and will be
distributed FOR FREE to those sent in their Mail Campaign cards or who have
sent a written request to be placed on the free distribution list.  If all
goes well we hope to have a few spare issues available for distribution at the
WAACE fest.

One of the unique features of AC will be its "Swap 'n' Shop" column.  This is
space reserved in the magazine for free ads from paid subscribers who want to
buy, sell, or trade their personal Atari 8-bit items.  (We figure it will be
a REAL popular part of the magazine!)

Ahhh... but yah see, we got a little problem here.  Atari Classics is still in
the startup phase.  We are presently in production on the Premier Issue and
would of course like to include the "Swap 'n' Shop" feature in our very first
issue.  The problem is, we don't have any paid subscribers yet, so we don't
have anyone to send in their free ad!

So what we decided to do is to allow anyone who submits ad copy to us by the
following date:

                            SEPTEMBER 20, 1992

to place an ad in the Premier Issue, absolutely free of charge,


We aren't sure at this time just how much page space we'll devote to this
column, so it's first come, first serve!

Now, you gotta figure with such a popular feature AC would soon be swamped
with ads which would leave us no room for neat articles on programming and
hardware hacks and stuff.  Plus, we gotta leave space for paid commercial
announcements and such.  In order to minimize the chaos that could result from
this activity we had to place some limits and make a few Rules (uh-oh!). 
There are 13 of them (yeesh!).  OK, yeah, they sound pretty stern and rigid
and all that, but hey- that's why they're Rules, right?  Don't feel bad,
The Rules apply equally to everybody (even me!) and will be printed in every
issue of the magazine.

So go ahead and read the Rules, then make up your ad and send it in!  You can
mail your ad to AC's postal mailing address given below, or you can e-mail
it to me at:

                 GEnie   : B.POEHLAND

PLEASE NOTE: for the Premier Issue ONLY, paid ads in the "Swap 'n' Shop" column
             will NOT be accepted, and all personal ads will be truncated to 
             the 50-word limit.  DO NOT SEND MONEY!

                       A T A R I    C L A S S I C S

                               Swap 'n' Shop
             A Flea Market for the Individual Atari 8-Bit User!

                         --  T H E   R U L E S --

1. Ads are FREE to paid subscribers of Atari Classics.  Non-subscribers may
   place ads at the rate of 2 cents per character (excluding spaces).  Payment
   should accompany the ad copy.  Ad copy from non-subscribers unaccompanied
   by payment will be instantly discarded.  
2. Free ads are limited to a maximum of 50 words including the advertiser's
   contact information.  A word is defined as any recognizable combination of
   alphanumeric/ASCII characters separated by a space.  The language of the ad
   must be English.
3. Free ads longer than 50 words will charged 2 cents per character for each
   character over the 50-word limit.  If payment does not accompany the ad
   copy, the Editor will truncate the ad to bring it under the 50-word limit.
4. Atari Classics reserves the right to edit all ads and to reject any ad for
   any reason without notification to the advertiser.
5. Ads should be submitted in writing, preferably typed or computer-printed,
   to the following address:

                        Atari Classics
                        179 Sproul Road/Rt. 352
                        Frazer, PA  19355  USA
                  ATTN: Advertising Editor

   Illegible ad copy will be discarded by the Editor.
6. All ads MUST contain the advertiser's full name AND postal mailing address
   including zipcode for USA addresses.  The postal address MUST indicate the
   advertiser's country of origin (USA, UK, NZ, France, Germany, etc.).  If a
   telephone number is included in the ad, please indicate what time of day
   you may be reached.  It is helpful to include an e-mail address if you have
   one.  Ads lacking a full name and postal mailing address will be instantly
7. This column is for use by private individuals only, who wish to buy, sell,
   or trade Atari 8bit items in their personal possession.  Users are strongly
   advised NOT to advertise non-Atari items or items not related to 8bit 
   computers or game systems (2600/5200/7800/XEGS items are OK).  Ads seeking
   information about Atari 8bit products, or ads offering personal information
   for the purpose of making social contact with other Atari 8bit users, ARE
8. Use of this column for commercial purposes is expressly forbidden.  Users
   found to be violating this policy will have their personal advertising
   priveledge suspended by the Editors.
9. Advertisers warrant that software offered for sale in this column is on
   original media accompanied by original documentation.  SOFTWARE PIRACY
   WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.  Users found violating this policy will have their
   personal advertising priveledges premanently revoked, and their subscrip-
   tion to AC will be terminated without refund.
10.For hardware items, it is helpful to indicate the condition of the item.
   Use the following abbreviations/definitions to describe your hardware
   item: LN (Like New, the item is pristine, unused, with all manuals and
   original packaging materials); EC (Excellent Condition, the item has been
   little used, is in good working order, physically clean, may have a few
   very minor cosmetic blemishes, with original manuals); GC (Good Condition,
   the item is in good working order but may be slightly soiled, contains worn
   parts or minor scratches/dings that betray heavy service or old age, with
   original manual or copied manuals); FC (Fair Condition, the item is in
   working order but is missing manuals, heavily worn/soiled or cosmetically
   damaged); BC (Basket Case, the item does not work, is damaged/butchered,
   missing manuals etc., but contains salvageable parts).
11.Ads will run only once.  If you wish your ad to run again, you must submit
   fresh ad copy for each issue of the magazine.  
12.The Staff and Publisher of Atari Classics will not be responsible for ad
   copy that gets lost.  We will make every effort to handle your ad respon-
   sibly, but we are human and muff it every now and then.  If for some reason
   your ad fails to appear, just submit it again.
13.Atari Classics will not be held responsible for any loss incurred for any
   reason by any person for situations arising from or related to ads appearing
   in this column.  Items offered for sale are assumed represented in good
   faith.  Buyers should contact prospective sellers in advance to insure the
   availability of the item, arrange for payment terms and shipping, and
   negotiate the price.  All users are expected to be open, fair, flexible, and
   honest in their dealings with others.  Patience, courtesy, and consideration
   will pay large dividends in securing a successful transaction.  Atari
   Classics does not possess the resources to police the behavior of individual
   members of the community and will not get involved in disputes between users
   over deals gone awry.  All parties to a transaction are individually res-
   ponsible for the outcome of the transaction.  Buyers and Sellers, be


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