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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Atari Classics subscription drive
Reply-To: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Posted-By: xx004 (aa700 - Michael Current)
Date: Mon Sep  7 20:21:04 1992


**********************   A T A R I    C L A S S I C S   **********************


-------------------   ATARI CLASSICS SUBSCRIPTION DRIVE   --------------------

    In response to inquiries about subscriptions to Atari Classics, we
apologize for any confusion and beg your patience and understanding as we
struggle through our startup phase.  AC is still in process of being formed,
and our main priority is to have the Premier Issue ready in time for WAACE.

AC is NOT officially accepting paid subscriptions at this particular time.
We will begin accepting paid subscriptions by mail as of October 12, 1992.
Look for an announcement on all networks around the 2nd week of October,
giving details on subscription plans and fees.

We plan to start our official subscription drive at the WAACE Fest in
Reston, Virginia October 10-11.  If all goes according to plan, we will have
advance copies of the Premier Issue of Atari Classics- and subscription forms-
available at the Unicorn Publications booth.  I plan to be there in person,
along with Bill and Pattie Rayl, to hawk our wares and collect subscriptions.

People should understand there is a slight element of risk involved.  AC will
require a subscriber base of 500 to maintain its proposed bimonthly publication
schedule.  If fewer than 500 people subscribe, we can't guarantee you'll get
6 issues for your money.  If only a very few subscriptions are received, the
magazine may sputter on for several more issues then die out completely.  If
we die, there will be no refunds.  Officially, we are really only in business
for one issue.  We are gambling that the interest expressed by the 8bit
community in the Atari Classics concept will be followed through with enough
subscriptions to make AC a viable enterprise in 1993.

The Premier Issue will be distributed for free to all individuals who sent in
their Mail Campaign pledge cards over the past winter/spring.  It will also be
sent to those who have mailed in their postal address in response to the 
announcements posted since AC became official on August 5, 1992.  Although we
are making every effort to insure these people will get their free issue, 
demand has been unexpectedly heavy, and we are considering possibilities for
increasing our initial print run from 800 to perhaps 1000 or more.  We want to
assure the 600 people who sent in pledge cards that they are our FIRST priority
and will absolutely receive the free Premier Issue (and, along with it, the
opportunity to become a paid subscriber).  Without the Faithful 600, AC would 
never have come into being, and we have not forgotten that!

We are delighted with the enthusiastic response we have thus far received, and
would prefer all interested parties to just send us their name and postal
mailing address at this time instead of trying to subscribe.  Send your address
           Atari Classics
           179 Sproul Road/Rt. 352
           Frazer, PA  19355
   ATTN:  B. Poehland, Mging. Ed.

You can also send your mailing address via email to me on GEnie or Internet:

   GEnie   : B.POEHLAND

Compuserve or Delphi users who don't have Internet access can send their postal
mailing address to our Telecommunications Editor, Lawrence Estep:

   Delphi: LESTEP
   CIS   : 71450,1050

who will forward them to the magazine.  Several folks have sent us their email
address; that doesn't help us much since it's kinda hard to send a hardcopy
magazine to an email address.  Postal addresses only, everyone!

The Premier Issue will contain a Subscription Form.  We want you to see and
feel our product before you plunk down your cash.  To some extent your
subscription will be an act of faith.  But the Premier Issue itself will be
an act of faith, extended to those members of the 8bit community who have
already expressed their faith in us and their willingness to take a chance on
their- our- own future.

AC asks all potential subscribers to be patient, wait for things to develop at
a pace we can handle.  We on the Staff of AC are part-timers and amateurs;
after only a few weeks in operation we are at best a disorganized rabble.  We
need time to shake down as a team and set schedules we can keep.  Please give
us that time, and hold aside your subscription money until October 12.  But if
you really just can't wait, then present yourself at the Unicorn booth at WAACE
on October 10 where I'll be glad to assist you in making a withdrawal from your
wallet in support of Atari Classics .

A final note: The mass mailing of the Premier Issue is tentatively scheduled
for the last week of October, and it will contain a Subscription Form.

       Managing Editor
       Atari Classics


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