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Article #321 (376 is last):
From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Atari Classics: first issue is out!
Reply-To: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Posted-By: xx004 (aa700 - Michael Current)
Date: Thu Oct 15 15:10:50 1992


************************  A T A R I   C L A S S I C S  ************************


ATARI CLASSICS has arrived.  Following a week of anxiety in which our printer
didn't quite make the original shipping schedule, at the last moment Pattie
Rayl managed to save the day by having the printer ship the magazines directly
to the hotel in Reston, Virginia via 2-day air.  They arrived in the nick of
time, the day before the WAACE AtariFest began.

I think the magazine looks GREAT.  On the front cover, the unique AC logo
is separated from a big Fuji symbol by a heavy black bar that says it all:

        "The Magazine For The Dedicated 8-Bit User"

About 350 copies were on hand for distribution at the Fest.  I ended up bring-
ing home about 40 of those, all the rest went into the hands of potential
subscribers.  I spent the whole weekend hawking AC from the Unicorn
Publications booth in the main vendor area.  About 150 subscription forms were
also distributed.

Here on the 2nd official day of our subscription drive AC counts 20 paid
subscribers.  This might not sound like much, but even the larger magazines
like AIM or CN would consider this an average figure.  Considering this Fest
was 93% ST, AC did very well for itself.

At the present time we are still working on AC's subscriber database, which we
will use to prepare all the mailing labels for the remaining copies of AC that
are now languishing at our printer's mailing facility.  The mass mailing of
the FREE Premier Issue is expected to commence the first week of November.

If you have already sent us your mailing address, or if you participated in the
Mail Campaign earlier this year, all you have to do is watch your mailbox.
If you haven't yet sent us your name but would like to receive the free copy of
the Premier Issue, send your postal mailing address to:

           179 Sproul Rd./Rt. 352
           Frazer, PA  19355
     ATTN: B. Poehland, Mging. Ed.

Of the 2000 copies of the Premier Issue that were printed, I estimate we have
maybe 400 copies that are not yet spoken for.

The Premier Issue contains a subscription form.  If you like the magazine, snip
out the form (or xerox it), fill it out, & send it in with your payment.  For
those of you who have been wondering what the subscription prices are, here's
the info:

        USA 3rd class mail             $25/yr
        Canada (surface mail)          $30/yr
        Foreign (all) surface mail     $32/yr
        Europe/Mediterranean AIRmail   $38/yr
        Asia/Pacific area AIRmail      $40/yr
        AC Software Disk (global price)$ 9/yr

Subscription prices are for a 1-year period.  AC expects to publish on a
bimonthly schedule; however, if fewer than 500 subscriptions are received by
Dec. 31st our publication schedule will be scaled back accordingly.

The AC Software disk will be a double-sided single-density "flippy" containing
all the type-in software published in the magazine plus selections from the
Public Domain.  It will be produced and distributed 3 times/year, concurrently
with every other issue of the magazine.  The disk will be mailed separately.
Our first disk is already in production and will be mailed out in January 1993.

Production of Issue #2 of AC is underway and is also scheduled for mailout in
January 1993.

For those wishing to subscribe using a credit card, we take VISA & MasterCard!
Just fill out your credit card info on the subscription form.  PLEASE NOTE:
there is a $2 surcharge for credit card orders.  Credit card orders may also be
placed by phone during normal business hours by calling Unicorn Publications
at 313-973-8825.

We prefer that you should receive our magazine first before you subscribe.  It
will make our life easier if you use our form, plus it will give you an idea of
what our product is like before you plunk down your cash.

If you so desire, you can send in a FREE AD with your subscription.  Copy
deadline for issue #2 is December 5, 1992.  Personal ads up to 50 words in
length are free to paid subscribers.  See the "Swap 'n' Shop" column for rules
pertaining to personal ads.

Send your postal mailing address NOW to ensure your name will be included in
our mass mailout in November!!

"Atari 8-Bits Never Say Die"

       Managing Editor


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