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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: J.D.Potter Utilities Collection
Reply-To: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Posted-By: xx004 (aa700 - Michael Current)
Date: Tue Nov 10 12:49:20 1992

 Reprinted from Z*Net: 7-Nov-92 #9217
 ######  By Jeff Potter
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
     The J.D.Potter Collection of Graphics File Conversion Utilities
 My collection of graphics picture file conversion utilities were
 developed to allow the users of the classic 8-bit Atari computers access
 to the myriad graphic files previously available only to other
 Some of these work with the APAC mode, which is a combination of
 graphics 9 and 11 which provides 256 different colors on-screen at once.
 (Note that APAC mode may not work well with certain monitors.  It does
 work well with ordinary television sets.  Contact me for information on
 monitors if you are uncertain).
 Other programs of mine work with a new mode (which I created) called
 ColorView.  ColorView provides 4096 colors in 80 x 192 pixel resolution,
 or 64 colors in 160 x 192 pixel resolution.  All products with ColorView
 also allow interactive color tuning from the keyboard, so you can set
 the color for your system without adjusting your monitor or television's
 color controls.  ColorView also works on all monitors, including those
 which APAC does not.
 This program is both a decoder and viewer for GIF picture files.  It
 lets you load GIF files and view them in one of several modes: Graphics
 9, APAC, or Graphics 15.  You may then save them in APAC mode, or create
 three-color separations for use with COLRVIEW (available separately).
 You can use a joystick to interactively choose areas of the image to
 "zoom in on".  Version 2.4 lets you view certain newer files that
 earlier versions failed to load, as well as fixing some other
 This is a slideshow program that loads APAC mode files from disk for
 display one after another.  A random-pixel dissolve from one image to
 another occurs every several seconds, which can be interrupted and
 This program is the viewer for ColorView files created with APACVIEW, or
 downloaded from Bulletin Boards.  The latest version (2.6) lets you view
 all the ColorView files on a disk in "slideshow" mode.
 This program lets you view Atari ST Degas format (standard or
 compressed, any resolution) in Graphics 9 or 15 monochrome, or in
 ColorView's 64 or 4096 color modes.  Version 1.1 provides the same
 "slideshow" feature mentioned above.
 This program allows you to load four popular Atari picture formats
 (MicroPainter, Micro Illustrator/Koala, Graphics 8 and 9) and convert
 them to GIF files.  This can be done interactively, letting you convert
 an entire disk of pictures one after another without memorizing the
 filenames.  This is useful for Atarians who want to exchange their
 pictures with other computer users via bulletin boards.
 This program lets you load and view Amiga IFF pictures in APAC mode.
 The flexible joystick interface allows you to select rectangular
 sections of the image for further inspection.  ILBMREAD also saves the
 output in APAC mode.
 All programs come with DOC files to help you understand all the
 important features.  I also give advice on where to find source pictures
 for the various formats.  I include my mail address as well as my e-mail
 address for GEnie and CompuServe, as I am always glad to receive 
 feedback and fix any problems that may arise.
 All programs released so far are shareware, but if you cannot find them
 on your local bulletin board or pay service, they can be ordered
 directly from me at the following prices:
 --------   -------    -----
 APACVIEW     2.4       8.50
 APACSHOW     2.3       6.50
 COLRVIEW     2.6       8.50
 DEGASRD      1.1       8.50
 GIFNCODE     1.0       6.50
 ILBMREAD     2.1       6.50
 Special price on APACVIEW/COLRVIEW combination: $16.00.  Prices include
 postage and handling, in U.S. dollars (money orders preferred, personal
 checks accepted).  Printed docs will be supplied.  Disks will be SSSD
 unless specified otherwise (I can provide up to DSDD).  The spare disk
 space will be filled with sample pictures usable by the selected
 program.  Please include your full mailing address.
 Hope to hear from YOU soon!
 Jeff Potter
 814 Banbury Drive
 Port Orange, FL 32119

 CIS: 74030,2020


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