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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Newell Industries
Reply-To: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Posted-By: xx004 (aa700 - Michael Current)
Date: Tue Feb 16 22:06:12 1993

  Z*NET: ATARI ONLINE MAGAZINE ^N^O Copyright (c)1993, Syndicate Publishing
   Volume 8, Number 7    Issue #491    February 14, 1993    File:93-07

 ######  Newell Industries
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 NEWELL INDUSTRIES, P.O. Box 253, WYLIE, TX. 75098, 214-442-6612
 256KXLE.............256K MEMORY UPGRADE FOR 800XL/1200XL        $29.95
 Designed with total compatiblity in mind, this 256K ram upgrade gives
 you compatibility with the 130XE, plus gives you an additional 128K of
 RAM for a total of 256K.  With this upgrade you can run software
 designed for the 130XE including Basic XE, Disk operating systems, etc.
 Internal installation.  Some soldering required.  MYDOS included.  MYDOS
 lets you configure Ramdisk up to 208K.  Use Basic XE in extended mode,
 plus have 128K ramdisk. etc.  Also includes 'COPY256E'.  A sector copy
 program that utilizes the extra ram.
 Don't confuse our upgrade with others you may have heard about.  Ours
 supports Antic banking (just like the 130XE), so you can run those
 programs the other upgrades won't.  Eliminates refresh problems with CAS
 before RAS refresh support.  Requires eight 256K Ram chips.  See below
 or call for current pricing.

 These memory upgrades add support for 1 or 4 meg ram chips for 1O88K or
 416OK of memory.  Designed with total compatibility in mind, these
 upgrades support true Antic banking just like the 13OXE.  Compatible
 with Basic XE, Sparta DOS, Sparta DOS X, etc.  Comes with MYDOS and copy
 utility.  Get over 8OOO sectors of ramdisk with 1O88K of ram.
 Internal installation.  Soldering is required.  Installation availible.
 Requires eight 1 meg or 4 meg ram chips.  See below.  SPECIFY COMPUTER
 MEGSTF.........2-4 MEG UPGRADE FOR THE 52O/1O4OSTF/M             $49.95
 Designed to fit the STF/M computers (has built in disk drive), this
 board allows the use of 1 meg ram chips (32 max) for up to 4 meg of ram.
 Socketed for 32 DRAM.  Requires 16 minimum (2 meg).  Internal
 installation.  Soldering required.
 The TAB (Tos Adapter Board) Add those newer TOS's to old system  $29.95

 Used to install up to 1 meg of rom starting at E00000 in original ST's.
 This includes, but not limited to TOS 2.06. DOES NOT include TOS roms.
 How it works: Intercepts all Exxxxx adressing to glue and converts it to
 FCxxxx, thus fooling glue into thinking you want to address the normal
 rom area.  The glue will then furnish the needed signaling to address
 the new roms that are plugged in there.  Advantages over other methods:
 This method lets glue do all the normal decoding AND timing.  No
 conflicts should occur simply because Glue STILL does all the
 controlling.  We don't add DTACK or other signals that some of the other
 upgrades do that use a different method.
 RAMROD XL................................800XL, 65/130 XE        $49.00
 Allows the use of three different operating systems, comes with OSNXL OS
 that includes the FASTCHIP XL floating point routines, and OMNIMON XL
 machine language monitor.  The OSNXL OS is compatible with the 400/800
 OS, but has a programmable cassette baud rate, increased keyboard speed,
 and all the graphic modes of the XL/XE's.
 The FASTCHIP XL floating point routines can give you up to four times
 the speed of the original floating point routines.  Atari basic uses
 these routines for almost every operation.  Spreadsheets and other
 languages also use these routines.  You can see the difference.  It is
 even recommended by software producers to use with their products.  Here
 are some reference times (in seconds) to compare.  These functions were
 executed 1000 times in a FOR-NEXT loop.
 LOOP^3        236       65             LOG(100)      129       33
 ATN(23)       128       62             CLOG(100)     120       30
 EXP(100)      112       34             SQR(LOOP)     135       55
 SIN(23)        85       30             COS(23)        84       33
 LOOP*LOOP       8.89     6.48          PEEK(100)       7.34     5.69
 The OMNIMON XL is a resident monitor with all the debugging tools needed
 for any application.  Interrupt and examine any program (including
 cartridges) easily.  Includes read/write to disk, binary load,
 directory, assembler, disassembler, single step execution, drive
 control, change registers, hex conversion/arithmetic, search/ display/
 alter/ move/ relocate/ verify memory, hex or character format and more.
 RAMROD XL2........................WITHOUT OS CHIP    $19.95
 OSNXL OS CHIP................600/800XL, 65/130 XE    $29.95
 OMNIVIEW  XL/XE/256...........600/800XL,65/130 XE    $29.95
 Now get 80 columns with your 600/800XL,65/130XE. Compatible with LJK
 Products, BASIC, etc.  Enter 80 column mode easily.  Supports CPM on ATR
 8000.  Also comes with Fastchip floating point routines and easy access
 to additional ram.  Also comes with omniwriter word processor.  Omniview
 80 columns also available for the 400/800 computers.
 RAMROD MMOS..................ATARI 800 ONLY      $59.95
 The Ramrod is a new operating system board that replaces the existing
 board.  Install up to two operating systems.  Accepts eproms or standard
 OS roms.  Comes with the OSN OS in eprom.  The OSN provides all graphics
 modes, including modes 12-15 that are not in the standard 400/800 OS.
 Use the standard graphics calls from basic to access these additional
 modes that are in the computer.  The cassette interface in the OSN is
 programable to any baud rate.  The default is the standard 600 baud.
 The keyboard delay and repeat functions have been modified to allow for
 faster typeing and cursor movement.  OSN allows you to disregard
 cartridges on power up.  With this feature, you can boot the system
 (cassette or disk) regardless of the cartridge you have installed.  OSN
 meets all operating system entry requirements.  All handler starting
 addresses are the same as the B operating system, and as many
 subroutines as possible have kept the same starting address.  This
 allows compatibility with almost all existing software.  Available on
 (2) 4K eproms or (1) 8K eprom.
 The Ramrod also addresses the 4K byte block of memory at C000.  It may
 be used for 4K ram or install up to 16K of rom for banking at this
 location.  Also comes with the Omnimon machine language monitor with
 many debugging commands like display/ alter/ search/ disassemble memory,
 printer and disk interfaces.  A must for anyone using assembly language.
 And you can jump into Omnimon from any program or cartridge.
 RAMROD 3 (WITHOUT OMNIMON & OSN)                        $29.95
 OMNIMON PIGGYBACK BOARD............ATARI 400/800        $29.95
 Installs on the 800 OS board.  Gives access to the $C000 4K block of
 memory.  Comes with the Omnimon as described above, and also the 4K
 omniview to give you 80 columns.  Omniwriter word pro included with all
 SBM...................Atari 8 Bit 48-64K Ram            $49.95
 This system was designed to operate in a wholesale or retail
 environment.  SBM is an inventory control, point of sale program that
 produces invoices, purchase orders, mailing labels, quotes, sales and
 account reports, plus much more.
 Inventory control:Each inventory record consist of part number,
 description, vender name and address, quantity on hand, location,
 reorder point, quantity on order, cost, sale price, quantity sold,
 dollar amount sold, and product group.  Inventory reports may be printed
 by all, vendor, product group, price list, low inventory, and turn 
 reports.  Accounts control:Account records consist of account number,
 name and address, terms, total purchased, total paid, and balance due.
 Account reports may be printed for all, outstanding, and selected
 accounts.  A list may also be printed numerically or alphabetically.
 Mailing labels may be printed for all, outstanding, and selected
 accounts.  Purchase orders may be printed with automatic update of
 inventory records.  Sales reports consist of daily, periodic, and
 annual.  Capacities: 12 digit alpha-numeric part numbers, unlimited
 parts.  Up to 1700 accounts.  As many vendors as parts.  System
 requirements:Atari computer (40K Ram minimum).  Basic XL language (OSS).
 Two disk drives (double density recommended).  Printer interface and
 SBM 130.................Atari 8 Bit 128K+ Ram            $49.95
 This system was designed after the original SBM, but has unlimited
 account capacities and the entire program resides in memory for faster
 operation between menus.  Inventory control: Same as SBM.  Accounts
 control: Same as SBM.  Capacities:12 digit alpha-numeric part numbers,
 unlimited parts.  Unlimited accounts.  As many vendors as parts.  System
 requirements:Atari 130 XE computer (or compatible).  Basic XE language
 (OSS).  Two disk drives (double density recommended).  Printer interface
 and printer.

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