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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
>Newsgroups: freenet.sci.comp.atari.spec.8bit,
Subject: April AC: on the way!
Reply-To: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Posted-By: xx004 (aa700 - Michael Current)
Date: Sat Apr 17 12:24:45 1993


Hello Peoples,

I been keeping kindov a low profile the past several weeks but wanted to let
everyone know that despite a variety of difficulties the April AC is now in the 
mail.  The main hangup was that it got delayed at the printer for about 3 weeks.
All the editing & DTP stuff was done in reasonably good time during the month
of March, but everything came to a screeching halt when our Publisher sent it
on to the printer.  I'm now informed all the copies are printed up, were
delivered several days ago to the mailer, & it's pretty well posted by today.

As most of you know, today is also Income Tax Day, so in all probability the
April AC- being scumbag dirtball 3rd class bulk mail- will be allowed to sit
on the floor of most local post offices while they hustle to deliver all those
precious tax returns to the Infernal Revenooers at the U.S. Guvermint.  Not that
3rd class bulk is real fast to begin with, but with tax returns in the way it
will likely be even slower than the usual slow.  By my reckoning, we'll be doing
well to see it appear in mailboxes by the week of the 30th.  We'll just have to
live with that, there are some things I got no control over.

Although subscription orders are still dribbling in, AC is still under-
subscribed.  The April AC went out to around 440 paid subscribers, & presently
I'd say our total base is around 460.  Still not quite up to the 500 we need
to really make significant improvements.

The good news is that I've now decided we are close enough to our original goal
that we will publish 6 full issues this year.  However, this late in our
publishing schedule with under 500 paid subs, certain things are pretty well
cast in stone.  We'll still be stuck at 32 pages, no fancy covers, & good ole'
3rd class bulk mail delivery (aka Pack Mule Express).  There is some faint hope
we could still go to 2nd class delivery late this year, but not until we reach
500 subscribers.  It will be june or July before we get there (at the present
rate of growth), then another 2 months to get the permit, if we're lucky we'll
have it in time for the Oct. or Dec. issue.

About 15% of AC's readers are outside North America, & most of them had the
good sense to pay for the airmail option.  So people in Germany & New Zealand
will probably get their mags before we in the USA/Canada do.  It's a weird

The June issue of AC is now in production & will lack a Swap 'n' Shop column
since no one is sending in ads any more.  (Can't figure that, the ads are after
all FREE.)

Atari magazines in general are fairing poorly.  Current Notes has reduced its
page count from 82 to 64 & eliminated its usergroup discount but is still
maintaining a steady publishing schedule & a decent amount of 8-bit stuff
tho it's still 80% ST.  Atari Interface Magazine appeared in March for the
first time since October of last year, but compared to a year ago it's a
skeleton of its former self being 32 pages on newsprint in B&W & now bimonthly
instead of monthly, but still a few 8-bit articles in there.  ATARI CLASSICS
is still hanging in there but overall subscription growth is substantially
less than the market survey of 1992 suggested.

We 8-bitters at least have one advantage RE: our ST brethren: we have already
been pushed over the cliff onto the computer junkpile, those of us still
clinging to the 8-bit have no illusions as to our future, especially since
Atari Corp. officially booted our butts out into the cold at the beginning

of last year & ICD did likewise.  Whereas, for the ST community, the downward
slide is a new experience, & they're just now getting a taste of what we began
to experience since around 1989 or so.  Atari Corp.'s delay of delivering the
Falcon is I think setting new records for paranoia/anxiety/depression in the
larger community.  An article in the March AIM entitled "Atari Is Dead" was
especially illustrative, as I think that author dared to say out loud what a
lot of people have been privately thinking but won't admit publicly.

Whew, I sure am glad I'm an 8-bitter & have already passed thru all this
depressing stuff.  My main anxiety is getting out the June AC on time, plus
our June Software Disk.  That's plenty enough for me to worry about, as it
takes 120% of my spare time.

       Managing Editor
       ATARI CLASSICS Magazine


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