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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
>Newsgroups: freenet.sci.comp.atari.spec.8bit,
Subject: A Peek At The Upcoming June AC
Reply-To: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Posted-By: xx004 (aa700 - Michael Current)
Date: Mon May 24 21:30:29 1993


Greetings, AC Subscribers!                                                  

The June 1993 issue of ATARI CLASSICS is now at the printer and will probably
hit your mailbox about the middle of the month.  Our June Software Disk is also
on schedule and will probably appear in late May or early June.              

In my article in the April issue I hinted that we might be forced to drop our
August issue due to sluggish subscription response.  However during March and
April there was an increase in subscriptions which has brought AC to within a
hairsbreadth of its goal of 500 paid subscribers (it now stands at 480).  As a
result, I've decided to proceed with a full bimonthly schedule of publication
for 1993, so we will have an August issue.    For more details on this and other encouraging developments
please look for my article "Saga of the AC Database" in the upcoming June AC.

By way of titillation here's a peek at the contents of the June issue now in

                               TABLE OF CONTENTS

               ATARI CLASSICS Magazine Volume 2 No. 4 June 1993


Saga Of The AC Database, Part 1                                           
Circulation Editor Ben Poehland delivers Good News for AC readers and     
describes how database problems almost crippled AC in its infancy.        

AC Software Disk Index (June 1993)                                        
AC Disk Editor Steve Hoffee divulges all the goodies awaiting disk subscribers
on our June Software Disk.                                                

Modular Programming On The 8-Bit                                          
Contributing Author Ron Fetzer gives us a useful envelope-printing utility
while describing a methodical approach to BASIC programming guaranteed to 
instill self-confidence: a "must read" for beginners!                     

Super Database 1-2-3                                                      
Rolly Herman, Contributing Author, takes us on an in-depth tour of one of the
most unusual databases available for your venerable 8-bit.                

COLRVIEW: 4096 Simulated Colors On The Classic Atari!                     
Graphics & Entertainment Editor Jeff Potter describes a mind-blowing technique
that pushes the envelope on color graphics in his newest shareware program.

Use A High-Speed Modem On Your Classic Atari                              
A fascinating look at how your 8-bit can scream as fast as any 486 over the
phone lines, from Hardware Editor Charles Cole.                           

Looking Back: What Is VersaWriter?                                        
Staff Reviewer Gary Matteson steps back in time to examine the most perplexing
gadget ever made for the Atari and crosses paths with an Alchemist whose secret
identity is shockingly revealed!                                          


The Fitting Room                                                          
Columnist Mike Jewison finds a Black Box in his Fitting Room and enters a time
warp, coming out just this side of Christmas.  Huh?                       

Moonlight Workshop                                                        
Staff Columnist Jeff McWilliams continues his Expanded Memory tutorial with a
software compatibility chart and uses of RAMdisks.                        

Exploring The Wild FONTier                                                
A tour-de-force on DD3's text manipulation abilities, graphics, and a User
Guide available directly from Columnist Dave Richardson.                  

The Garret                                                                
Columnist Ed Hall explores the best features of text adventures and offers
novel ideas for would-be programmers.                                     


News Roundup                                                              
Tips 'n' Tricks                                                           
Swap 'n' Shop                                                             
Subscription Form                                                         

Those of you who don't subscribe can just gaze at the above and drool over
what you're missing.  It seems there are still quite a few folks out there
who don't know the 8-bit community has taken charge of its own affairs by 
publishing its own bimonthly magazine for $25/year.  We don't rely on Atari
Corp. any more.  Nor ANTIC.  Nor Analog.  Nor Explorer.  We stand on our own
feet and do the job ourselves.                                              

If you're tired of being left in the cold, join the Bold New Experiment that
AC represents.  At ATARI CLASSICS, you aren't just a subscriber: you are a
Participant in a New Idea.  We are demonstrating to the morons in Sunnyvale,
and to the whole rest of the world, that a community of users can exist   
independent of the company whose product first drew us together.          

For subscription info, please write:  ATARI CLASSICS                      
                                      179 Sproul Road/Rt. 352             
                                      Frazer, PA  19355  U.S.A.           
                                ATTN: Circulation Editor                  

       Managing Editor
       ATARI CLASSICS Magazine


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