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Newsgroups: freenet.sci.comp.atari.log
From: aa399@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Len Stys)
Subject: Mar.15,1991 ST Report - Expansion Article
Posted-By: xx004 (aa399 - Len Stys)
Reply-To: aa399@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Len Stys)
Edited-By: xx004 (aa399 - Len Stys)
Date: Wed Apr 17 23:57:57 1991

On the Ides of March, Friday, March 15, 1991, the Atari SIGOps announced:

ST Report reprints press release on the expansion of the Atari SIG...

                  "The Original 16/32bit Online Magazine"
                            STR Publishing Inc.

 March 15, 1991

                  STReport International Online Magazine?

                          Post Office Box   6672
                               32205 _ 6672

                               R.F. Mariano
                            Publisher -



 By: Mark Leair
 Atari SIG Public Relations

     The Cleveland Freenet is the starship of a revolution that is going on
 right now.   This  revolution is  the computerized information revolution.
 What the Cleveland Freenet is leading what public  libraries  were leading
 approximately a century ago; free public access to information.  In Freen-
 et's case, it's free public access to computerized information.

     Upon connecting to the Freenet by modem one gains access  to well over
 100  special  interest  groups  including a medical and dental information
 dispensary.  Other special interest groups (SIGs) include  science fiction
 forums,  veterinary  SIGs,  gaming  and  chess  SIGs,  just to scratch the
 service.   There's even  a USA  Today Headline  news forum!   Freenet also
 has a wide range of computer forums.

     The Cleveland  Freenet Atari  SIG is  one of the many computer forums,
 and the operators of the Atari SIG are proud to announce the grand opening
 of the  newly remodeled  Atari SIG.   We  now feel that this SIG now fully
 covers (or has the potential to as  soon  as  users  start  using  the new
 features)  every  aspect  of  the  Atari  computer (XL, XE, ST, Mega, STE,
 Portfolio, etc.)  and related products (Lynx, etc.).

     The biggest addition to the SIG  is the  Programming and   Development
 forum.   Our newly  acquired S.I.G.  Operator Peter Haller, a professional
 programmer, has taken charge of this section moderating the technical Q&A,
 Graphics  Design,  Hardware  development,  MIDI  development,  Source Code
 Library, and  many other  specialized development  and programming boards.
 This board  can definitely  become a developer and Atari hacker's (The old
 definition of "hacker") delight!

     Other areas include a  somewhat "dumb"  but useful  computer file sec-
 tion, moderated  by newly acquired librarian, Marc Lombardo, and a product
 Information and Support board.   This  board includes  a vast   library of
 support lists  including lists of Atari magazines, dealers,  manufacturers
 phone numbers, Atari Corp. price lists, as well as product news.  Lastly a
 special applications  area has  been added.  Presently there's only a MIDI
 user board there, but this is expected to expand in the future.

     Additionally, the Atari SIG still  has  its  news  sections, usergroup
 newsletter library,  Online magazine section, (where you'll find STReport,
 Znet, etc.),  general as  well as  specific computer  discussion boards (8
 bit, 16/32 bit, Portfolio, and Lynx), and our weekly multi-chat conference
 which meets on channel +Ataricon Sunday at 8 pm EST.

     Accessing the Atari SIG has never been easier.  One can access  it via
 Internet by  telenet'ing to or  "" or by
 calling (216) 368-3888 300/1200/2400 bps.  Once on the system,  a user can
 apply for an account application and logon as a visitor. Once here, simply
 type "Go Atari" to get to the Atari  SIG.   A visitor  can go  anywhere on
 the Freenet  and can  read anything.   They can't post messages until they
 get their permanent accounts, however. For  additional information  on ob-
 taining access  to Freenet  write to myself via the e-mail addresses above
 or by writing the SIG at its US mail address:

                               The Atari SIG
                              P.O. Box 21815
                          Cleveland, OH 44121 USA
     Lastly, a freenet application is available  in the  mail by  writing a
 request to  the above  address if you rather not download it from Freenet.
 The Atari SIG is ready to serve the  thousands of  Atarians throughout the
 world.   We look  forward to seeing you all real soon!  Remember the staff
 of the Atari SIG are volunteering their time for no pay and  the Cleveland
 Freenet,  as  well  as  the  Atari  S.I.G.,  is  a non-profit organization
 existing for the free exchange of information.



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