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Article #13 (17 is last):
Newsgroups: freenet.sci.comp.atari.log
From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: May.06,1991 APE Newsletter & Atari SIG
Reply-To: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Date: Sun May 26 12:12:13 1991

On Monday, May 6, 1991, the Atari SIGOps announced an article in APE and an
agreement with its publisher to post APE online:

Subject: A.P.E. & Cleveland Free-Net Atari & Video Game SIG
Date: Mon May  6 22:35:46 1991

     If you are calling the Cleveland Free-Net due to Clinton Smith's info
and description from the recent A.P.E. Newsletter, WELCOME!

     The Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG has just recently reached an agreement
with Clinton Smith allowing you to access past A.P.E. issues via the Lynx
Info & Support Area (go lynx).

     It is not available yet since it takes the Free-Net Administration awhile
to change a SIG and add the new area.  We also requested a few other things
so it may even take longer than usual.

     The Cleveland Free-Net supports the Lynx greatly and that is probably
why (surprise to us) Clinton Smith chose to write a little about it in his
newsletter.  It will even be a greater source once the A.P.E. Newsletter
section is added and the issues are recopied to ASCII format.

     Most of the sections in the Lynx Support Area aren't even used yet and
that is probably because it is still relatively new and house cleaning is
still in the process.  There is one thing that you can do to help it move
along a little faster and that is to contribute as much as you can to it.
If you are calling through Internet, you probably can access Free-Net for free
or for a very low price.  This means you can also contribute and be a part of what
may become one of the best places for Lynx information!

     Thanks Clinton for remembering us!

     A.P.E. subscription info will go up along with the new section.

Your Atari SIGOps

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