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Article #14 (17 is last):
From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Newsgroups: freenet.sci.comp.atari.log
Subject: Jul.20,1992 8-Bit Computers Support Area
Reply-To: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Date: Sun Oct 18 18:36:45 1992


                CAIN, the Central Atari Information Network

                            proudly presents

                                the NEW

                      CLEVELAND FREE-NET ATARI SIG

                         featuring an EXPANDED

                      8-BIT COMPUTERS SUPPORT AREA !!

You may have heard about the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG, or you may
even have a Free-Net account that you don't use much.  Now is the time to
visit the Atari SIG and see what you're missing!  The SIG has been 
reorganized, bringing even more information to you and making it even
easier to access and share.  The Atari SIG continues to support ALL Atari 
systems: 8-bit, ST/TT, Portfolio, and Lynx.  The Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG's
8-Bit Computers Support Area is GROWING!!  Where better to get together with
fellow 8-bit Atari users?  Where is there a more extensive collection of
information invaluable to any 8-bit user?  The Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG is
THE 8-bit Atari information resource!  The new Atari SIG debuts on July 20,
1992.  Information on how to join in this expanding 8-bit user community is
included later in this document.

First, here is an overview of the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG's Main Menu

  <<< THE ATARI SIG >>>
       (go atari)
  1 About the Atari SIG
        - A text-file containing general information about the Atari SIG

  2 SIG Menu Outline
        - A map to help guide you through the extensive Atari SIG menus

  3 Atari News...
        - An area devoted to bringing you the latest news in the Atari world

  4 General Bulletin Board
        - A place for discussion among all SIG members

  5 8-Bit Computers Support Area...
        - See below!  Once you explore here, you may never want to leave!

  6 16/32-Bit Computers Support Area...
        - The area for ST/TT users

  7 Portfolio Support Area...
        - The area for Portfolio users

  8 Lynx Support Area...
        - The area for Lynx players

  9 Wanted & For Sale Board
        - A place to buy and sell Atari equipment of all kinds

 10 Voting Booth...
        - A place for SIG members to make their voices heard

 11 Atari Library...
        - A vast store of general Atari information

 12 Help-Line (Q & A)
        - A place to challenge the SIGOps with technical questions

 13 SIG Directory Services...
        - The names of all SIG members can be found here

Now, let's take a look at the new, expanded 8-BIT COMPUTERS SUPPORT AREA:

   The 8-Bit Computers Support Area has something for everyone, from
the new owner to the experienced and advanced user and programmer of the 
8-bit Atari computers.  Here is a small overview of each section and its 

    1. About this Support Area
            - What you are reading now.

    2. The 8-Bit Atari Computer
            - A fairly detailed historical description of the 8-bit
              Atari computer, along with a brief overview of what makes
              the system so popular.

    3. FAQ List
            - The Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) list which is posted
              periodically to Usenet's 8-bit Atari newsgroup, 

    4. 8-Bit News
            - The place to find the latest announcements in the 8-bit 
              Atari world.
    5. Bulletin Board
            - A general discussion board just for you and your fellow
              8-bit Atari users!
    6. Programming Forum... 
             Led by the Atari SIG's programmer-in-residence, Peter Haller

             The 8-bit is still a popular choice among programmers.  The 
             8-bit Atari computers allow for a level of control over the 
             hardware that is both straight-forward and powerful.  Even 
             though these machines have gone out of production, the 
             dedicated user base support these machines.  This forum
             is for those programmers - both novice and the die-hard hackers 
             - to share secrets, ideas, problems, and remember the 'good 
             ol'e days'.

             The 8-Bit Programming Forum is broken down into the following 

             1. About this Forum - You're reading it!

             2. 8-Bit Programming FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List - 
                  the name says it all!  This will hopefully release the 
                  open forums from the simple and common questions that 
                  newcommers have.  This list will be updated at the 
                  beginning of every month.

             3. Resource Center - This is where you will find code samples, 
                  helpful hints, and the best PD development tools info, 
                  among other things.  Post your neat little hacks in 
                  here for all to enjoy.  If a group project ever gets 
                  started, then this is where all the code will be      
                  placed.  This is a moderated area, so we can keep it 
                  clean.  This newsgroup may eventually expand into a 
                  submenu depending on the amount of information it

             4. 8-Bit Hacking Board - This is the catch all area.  Any 
                  programming related questions - from BASIC to Assembly 
                  - will be fair game here.  This area is unmoderated, so 
                  watch the language.

             5. The Asylum - Grab a Jolt and call up Dominos!  This is the 
                  General Programmers Forum of the Atari SIG.  All 
                  programmers are welcome.  Take a browse, flame at your 
                  machine, or just listen in on Atari related programming 
                  subject.  This is totally and completely unmoderated, 
                  so if you can't take it...
    7. Product Summaries
            - A place for 8-bit users to share shorter product summaries which 
              make obtaining a new product that much less of a hassle

    8. Product Reviews
            - One of the biggest assets of the 8-bit area.  This board holds 
              reviews of many of the most popular products available for the 
              8-bit Atari (and some of the duds too).  Check here before making 
              your purchase, or write reviews for the SIG for the benefit of 

    9. Tips & Tricks
            - A place for you to share those neat little things you've
              discovered while using your computer that make the system
              even more enjoyable.
   10. File Area...
           The 8-Bit File Area is here to make it as easy as possible for you
        to upload and download public domain and shareware files to and from 
        the Internet's Atari Archive, located at the University of Michigan.
        Here is a small overview of each section and its contents:

            1. About this File Area
                    - What you are reading now.

            2. How to Send & Receive Files
                    - Instructions for how to transfer files between
                      your 8-bit Atari and your Free-Net account.

            3. BART Instructions
                    - These are the instructions for using BART - the
                      file-server used to retrieve files from the Archive to
                      your Free-Net account.  Also included is the address to
                      which you can send files to contribute to the Archive.
            4. File Listing
                    - The listing of 8-bit Atari files available from the
            5. Atari File Request Board
                    - A place for you to ask your fellow SIG members for help
                      in locating desired PD or shareware files that are not
                      available on the Archive.
            6. Atari File Help Board
                    - A place for you to discuss any problems you may have in
                      transferring files between the Atari Archive, your Free-
                      Net account, and your Atari computer.
   11. Info-Atari8 Digest
            - The Internet's comp.sys.atari.8bit echo - this is the place
              to read it!
   12. Z*Magazine
            - Your source for the one and only International Atari 8-Bit
              Online Magazine.  This immense resource will eventually hold the 
              ENTIRE, 210+ issue library of Z*Magazine, the grandfather of all 
              Atari online magazines, going back to May 1986.  Where else can 
              you find a resource like this?
   13. 8-Bit Computer User Directory
            - Be sure to add your name to this directory and be counted as one
              of the many 8-bit Atari users of the SIG.

The Atari SIG also periodically takes advantage of the Free-Net's conferencing 
ability to hold real-time, online Atari conferences.  Recent conferences 
included a chat with the Moderatator of the University of Michigan Atari 
Archive, Jeff Weiner.

In addition, the Cleveland Free-Net provides Internet mail access, plus full 
access to Usenet, including the newsgroup comp.sys.atari.8bit.

About the Cleveland Free-Net, and How to join:

        The Cleveland Free-Net is the primary system in the ever-expanding 
NPTN, the National Public Telecomputing Network.  Get in on the action in this 
futuristic network!  Here's how to access the Cleveland Free-Net:
        With modem,  
                  dial      (216) 368-3888 
                           300/1200/2400 bps

        Or from the Internet,

When connected, you may either browse the system, or you may apply for your 
Cleveland Free-Net account.  Application is easy, and of course it's free!  
Finally, type "go atari"!!!

For more information on the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG, write to:
        The Atari SIG
        P.O. Box 364
        Mentor, OH 44061

        or Internet e-mail to
See you on the Free-Net!

Michael Current, aa700 /
8-bit Atari SIGOp
Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG

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