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From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Newsgroups: freenet.sci.comp.atari.log
Subject: Feb.25,1994 Atari SIG New Version
Reply-To: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Date: Tue Mar  1 16:24:30 1994


For immediate release:

Cleveland, OH--February 25, 1994--In an effort to bring professional support
to Atari users at absolutely no cost, the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG has
released a new version of its SIG.  The main goal of the Cleveland Free-Net
Atari SIG is to offer the most support possible to Atari users.  The
Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIGOps feel that this new version is comparable
to that of Atari SIGs on pay systems.

The additions to the Atari SIG include:

o Direct access to Atari related International Usenet newsgroups.

o An enhancement of the already popular "8-Bit Computers Support Area" which
  now includes ALL the issues published of Z*Magazine and a new and improved
  Technical Forum for 8-bit programmers and hardware hackers.  While other
  online systems are decreasing support for the 8-Bit Atari, the Cleveland
  Free-Net is increasing its support!

o A restructured "16/32-Bit Computers Support Area" which now includes more
  information text files than ever before.  The support area includes a
  large list of files that can be received from popular FTP sites like  Over 400 online magazines are included online
  with every issue of Z*Net & ST Report from 1989.  All issues of Atari
  Explorer Online are also available.

o An improved "Lynx Support Area" which includes invaluable information
  text files that are maintained by the readers of Usenet's  These text files include the Lynx FAQ, cheats,
  record high scores, comlynx users list, reviews, and more!  The support
  area also includes a unique game card rating system where Lynx players
  vote their opinion of each game.

o A new "Jaguar Support Area" which was created to be the best online
  information source available for Jaguar players.  The support area
  includes: news, summaries, reviews, information text files, game ratings,
  press releases and articles, and online publications.  Many of the
  Jaguar information text files are also maintained by readers of Usenet's

o An "Atari Library" that is truly a library for Atari users.  The
  Atari Library includes: many information text files and documents,
  a "Time Capsule" for old, but important information, online publications,
  Usenet newsgroups, CAIN Newsletters, and Atari SIG logs.  The
  Atari Library also includes the Atari SIG's "Who's Who in the Atari
  Community" e-mail address directory.

o An area for the construction of the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG's
  monthly CAIN Newsletter.  "CAIN Online Newsroom" is where editors, staff,
  and contributors meet to share information that goes into each newsletter.
  Anyone interested in helping to put together CAIN Newsletter should visit
  CAIN Online Newsroom.

The Cleveland Free-Net Community Computer System is a multi-user system that
supports hundreds of users online simultaneously.  Internet users may access
the Cleveland Free-Net at the following telnet addresses:,,
( or

The Cleveland Free-Net is accessible via modem by the phone number:

If there is a Free-Net in your city, the Cleveland Free-Net is accessible
through the "Teleport" option.

The Cleveland Free-Net is not just a local community computer system.
Atari users from all over the world access the Atari SIG on the Cleveland
Free-Net daily to participate in bulletin board conversations and to
contribute news and information.

Atari conferences are usually held once a month on the IRC (go irc).
If interested in participating in these conferences, check the Cleveland
Free-Net Atari SIG's General Bulletin Board for time and date information.

If you would like to be a guest speaker at one of these conferences or have
any questions or comments about the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG,
please write:

Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG
est: 1986

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