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Newsgroups: freenet.sci.comp.atari.log
From: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Subject: Dec.25,1989 Atari SIG Expansion
Date: Wed Jan 17 18:47:09 1990

On: Mon, 25 Dec 89 17:12:00 EST

The expansion of the Atari SIG was announced by the Atari SIGOps:

          Merry Christmas!


     Season Greetings from the Atari SIGOps!  We are pleased to announce
the expansion of the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG on Christmas Day.

     The SIG has been changed in the following ways:

     The "About the Atari SIG" file is now up and describes the Atari SIG.

     The "User Group Information" file is now up and contains information on
the various Atari user groups in the Cleveland area.

     The "Specific Computer Boards" section has been added which contains
four different bulletin boards.  The 8-bit Computers, 16/32-bit Computers,
Atari MS-DOS Computers, and Video Game Entertainment.  Each of these boards
were added to keep the conversations from getting mixed in the General
Bulletin Board.  The General Bulletin Board will always be the main section
to discuss things that have to do with all Atari users.

     The "Atari Library" section is now up as well.  The information in the
Library and Archives are now in their own section in the Atari Library.
These sections are also in the Atari Library:

"Time Capsule" which will contain the old information from the Atari News and
Q & A section posted by time.

"On-Line Magazines" will contain the old Atari on-line magazines that were
posted in the Atari News section to be used as reference.

"User Group Newsletters" will contain newsletters from the local Atari
user groups.

"Atari SIG Log" will be the diary of the Atari SIG and contain information
on what the Atari SIG has accomplished.

     The Atari SIG is not yet completed.  It should be completed
by January 1, 1990 to start the decade off right.  Many things still need
to be accomplished so don't be surprised if you go into a section
expecting to see great things and you see hardly anything.  We have just
expanded the Atari SIG and are now in the process of filling it up.

     As you can probably tell, the Atari SIG has great potential and is
soon becoming a very important part of the Atari community.

     The Atari SIG is here for you!


Your Atari SIGOps


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