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Newsgroups: freenet.sci.comp.atari.log
From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: Apr.15,1990 Z*Net/Free-Net/Atari SIG
Date: Sun Apr 15 11:40:38 1990

On Easter Day, April 15, 1990 at 11:00 AM

The Atari SIGOps announced an article about the Cleveland Free-Net and
Atari SIG in Z*Net Magazine as well as being a major carrier of Z*Net.

Atari Users,

                       H a p p y    E a s t e r !

               The Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG is proud to announce on
Easter that Z*Net Online Atari Magazine published an article about the
Cleveland Free-Net and Atari SIG.  The Cleveland Free-Net is now
considered a major carrier of Z*Net.  For the entire magazine,
check out issue #514 in the On-Line Magazine section of the Atari
Library.  Thanks Z*Net for keeping us in touch with Atari!

     //////       //    //  //////  //////   Z*Net Atari Online Magazine
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     //    ///  // // //  //////    //              APRIL 06, 1990
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 //////       //    //  ///////   //                  Issue #514
                    (=) 1990 by Rovac Industries, Inc.
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                       Middlesex, New Jersey 08846
                     Z*Net Online BBS: (201) 968-8148
         Available on: * CompuServe * GEnie * Cleveland Free-Net *

                            CLEVELAND FREE-NET
 by Len Stys
 The Cleveland Free-Net is the largest free, open-access, community
 computer systems in the world today.  It is often called an "electronic
 city" because it has almost everything that a real city has.  It has a
 post office, cafe, and several buildings that hold close to one hundred
 different SIGs or Special Interest Groups.  The system has 96 megabytes
 of RAM, 2.3 gigabytes of hard disk storage, and has close to 32 incoming
 lines (but is capable of supporting up to 360 simultaneous users).  The
 system has also recently become Internet accessible.
 The Cleveland Free-Net was first an experiment by Dr. Tom Grundner with
 support from Case Western Reserve University and the Information Systems
 division of AT&T.  The experiment was to see if a "free community
 computer system" could actually work.  On July 16, 1986, the Cleveland
 Free-Net prototype was opened by Ohio Governor Richard Celeste and
 Cleveland Mayor George Voinivich.  The prototype only had 10 incoming
 lines but attracted 7,000 users.  The community computer system was a
 complete success.  In August of 1989, the system moved up in software
 and hardware and moved out of its experimental stage and into reality.
 Case Western Reserve still provides financial support for the system but
 the key to the economics of operating it is the fact that the system is
 literally run by the community itself.  Everything that appears on Free-
 Net is there because of individuals or organizations in the community
 who are prepared to contribute their time, effort, and expertise to
 place it there and operate it over time.  This is contrast to commercial
 services which have very high personnel and information-acquisition
 costs and must pass those costs on to the consumer.

 These are some of the SIGs and sections available on Free-Net:

 Adam Computers           Aeronautics         Aging Information
 AIDS Information Center  Aircraft            All-denominational Forum
 Arts                     Atari Computers     Athletic Injuries
 Baha'i Faith Forum       BBS's               Business and Indus. Park
 Business Information     Business Computing  Byte Animal Clinic
 Cafe (User Chat)         CAMLS Library       Camping
 Commodore Computers      Community Center    Computer Corner
 Courthouse               Culinary Arts SIG   Cuyahoga County
 Network Services         Dental Health       Dr. Who Forum
 ECCO Center              Education           Electronic Mail
 Family Medicine Clinic   Fantasy             Fire Safety
 Fishing                  For Sale            Freedom Shrine
 Games                    Gay/Lesbian         Geriatrics
 Home Care                IBM                 Jobs
 Kiosk                    Law                 Legal Information
 LGCSC                    Library             Literary Arts
 Lotus Software           Media
 Natural History          Physics             Post Office
 Religion                 Safety              Schoolhouse
 Speeches                 Sports Medicine     Star Trek
 Tandy Computers          Tax Clinic          Technology
 Television               Texas Instrument Computers
 UFO's                    University Circle   Veterinary Science
 As you can see, there are many sections to the Cleveland Free-Net and
 you will be happy to know that the largest computer SIG on Free-Net is 
 the Atari SIG.  The Atari SIG consists of Atari News, User Group
 Information, bulletin boards for all Atari computers, a Wanted & For
 Sale Board, a Programmers' Forum for Atari programmers, Software/
 Product Information, On-Line Magazines (YES! Z*Net is available!), User
 Group Newsletters, an Information Base, Archives, Time Capsule, and the
 Atari SIG Log.  The Cleveland Free-Net seems to have something for
 everybody and it is still growing!
 Due to the success of the Cleveland Free-Net, a non-profit organization
 by the name of the National Public Telecomputing Network (NPTN) has been
 established.  This organization's main objective is to help establish as
 many Free-Net community computer systems as possible in the U.S. and
 throughout the world.  This will be accomplished by the dissemination of
 Free-Net software (to qualified parties of $1 per year) and by providing
 the technical and management support necessary to help those systems
 succeed.  As of now, there are several Free-Net type cities in Northeast
 Ohio and are spreading across the country to Cincinnati and Peoria,
 Illinois.  Soon, your city may have a Free-Net of its own!

 If you would like to visit the Cleveland Free-Net then you can go about
 it in one of two ways.  You can dial (216)368-3888 at 300/1200/2400 baud
 or you can connect to Free-Net from Internet by the IP address of
 "".  Don't forget to stop at the Atari SIG while
 you're here by typing "Go Atari" at any menu.


 Area Description                   KeyWord/Direction
 Adam Computers                     go adam
 Administration Building            go admin
 Administration Q & A               go admin.q
 Aeronautics                        go nasa
 Aging Information                  go aging
 AIDS Information Center            go aids
 Aircraft                           go nasa
 All-denomination Forum             go all.denom
 Alzheimer's Disease                go alz
 Animals                            go animal
 Animals                            go nat.hist
 Apple Computers                    go apple
 Apple II Computers                 go apple2
 Apple, Macintosh                   go mac
 Arts Information                   go arts
 Arts, Literary                     go lit
 Arts, Video                        go video
 Atari Computers                    go atari
 Athletic Injuries                  go sportsmed
 Baha'i Faith Forum                 go bahai
 Brecksville, City of               go brecksville
 Bulletin Board Systems             go bbs
 Business and Indus. Park           go business
 Business Information               go business
 Business, Fire Safety              go fire
 Business, Personnel                go personnel
 Business, Software                 go lotus
 Business, Travel                   go travel
 Business Computing                 go bus.comp
 Byte Animal Clinic                 go animal
 Cafe (User Chat)                   go cafe 
 CAMLS Library                      go camls
 Camping                            go outdoors
 Cancer                             go cancer
 Case Western Reserve Univ.         go cwru
 Change Password                    go password
 Change Terminal Type               go term
 Chess                              go chess
 Choose editor                      go term
 City Government                    go brecksville
 City Government                    go city.reps
 City Government                    go cleve
 Cleveland Area User Groups         go user.groups
 Cleveland Chess SIG                go chess
 Cleveland Connection               go cleve
 Colleges                           go cwru
 Commodore Computers                go commodore
 Community Center                   go community
 Computer Corner                    go computer
 Computer SIGs                      go comp.sigs
 Computers, Adam                    go adam
 Computers, Apple                   go apple
 Computers, Apple II                go apple2
 Computers, Atari                   go atari
 Computers, business                go bus.comp
 Computers, Commodore               go commodore
 Computers, editors                 go terminal
 Computers, education               go ecco
 Computers, games                   go games
 Computers, general                 go computer
 Computers, Lotus Software          go lotus
 Computers, Macintosh               go mac
 Computers, Tandy                   go tandy
 Computers, terminals               go terminal
 Computers, Texas Instruments       go ti
 Computers, Timex/Sinclair          go ts
 County Engineer's Office           go county.eng
 Court of Appeals, State            go state.reps
 Courthouse                         go court
 Culinary Arts SIG                  go food
 Cuyahoga County                    go county.eng 
 CWRU                               go cwru
 CWRU Bookstore                     go bookstore
 CWRU Film Society                  go cine, films
 CWRU Information Network Services  go ins
 CWRU Physics Department            go physics
 CWRU Student Activities            go activities
 Dental Health                      go dental
 Dr. Who Forum                      go dr.who
 e.mail                             go post
 ECCO Center                        go ecco
 Education                          go school
 Education, Administrators          go teacher
 Education, College                 go cwru
 Education, Gifted                  go gifted
 Education, Learning Center         go learn
 Education, Library                 go library
 Education, Mathematics             go math
 Education, Special Ed.             go special.ed
 Education, Teachers                go teacher
 Elected Officials, County          go county.rep
 Elected Officials, County          go state.reps
 Elected Officials, Federal         go fed.reps
 Family Medicine Clinic             go
 Fantasy                            go scifi
 Fine Arts                          go arts
 Fire Safety                        go fire
 Fishing                            go outdoors
 Food                               go food
 For Sale                           go
 Freedom Shrine                     go shrine
 Games                              go games
 Gay (LGCSC)                        go gay
 General Medicine                   go
 Geriatrics                         go aging
 Gifted Education Center            go gifted
 Government House                   go govt
 Government, taxes                  go tax
 H.O.P.E. Cancer Center             go cancer
 Handicapped Information            go handi
 History, Natural                   go nat.hist
 Home Care                          go nursing
 IBM                                go ibm
 Index                              go index
 Jobs Available                     go jobs
 Kiosk                              go kiosk
 Law                                go court
 Law                                go law
 Legal Information                  go court
 Lesbian                            go lesbian
 LGCSC                              go lgcsc
 Library Information                go camls
 Media, Science Fiction             go
 Medical Information                go medical
 Medicine                           go st.silicon
 Medicine, Psychology               go psych
 Medicine, Sports                   go sportsmed
 N. Coast SciFi & Fant Association  go ncsffa
 NASA                               go nasa
 What's New in Electronic City      go new
 Outdoors SIG                       go outdoors
 Physician Assistant                go pa
 Physics                            go physics
 Public Square                      go public
 Recipies                           go food
 Recreation                         go rec
 Religion                           go religion
 Religion, Baha'i Faith             go bahai
 Religion, All-denom                go all.denom
 Running                            go runners
 Schoolhouse                        go school
 Science                            go sci
 Science Fiction                    go ncsffa
 Science Fiction, Star Trek         go startrek
 Senate                             go fed.reps
 Skepticism                         go skeptic
 Skiiing                            go ski
 Special Education                  go special.ed
 Special Interest Groups            go sigs
 Speeches                           go podium
 Speeches                           go toast
 System Information                 go info
 Tandy Computers                    go tandy
 Tax Office                         go tax
 Texas Instr Computers              go ti
 Timex/Sinclair Computers           go ts
 UFO's                              go ufo
 User Groups                        go user.groups
 Users Guide, Online                go guide
 Video Arts                         go video
 Wanted & For sale                  go

 The number for the Cleveland Free-Net is:  (216) 368-3888.
 300/1200/2400 baud.  Type "Go Atari" to get to the Atari SIG.

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  3 Atari News
  4 General Bulletin Board
  5 Specific Computer Boards
  6 Programmers' Forum
  7 Wanted & For Sale Board
  8 Software/Product Information
  9 Atari Library
 10 Help-Line (Tech. Q & A)
 11 Directory of SIG Members
 h = Help
 x = Exit the Free-Net

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  2 16/32-bit Computers
  3 Atari MS-DOS Computers
  4 Video Game Entertainment
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  6 Atari SIG Log
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