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Article #6 (17 is last):
Newsgroups: freenet.sci.comp.atari.log
From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: Jul.04,1990 Children Of War
Date: Wed Jul  4 11:48:14 1990

On the Fourth of July, July 4, 1990, the Atari SIGOps announced:

     Happy Fourth of July!  Only in U.S.A. could a proposed project like
this succeed.

     The Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG is now strongly involved in a project
by the name of Children of War.

     This project is to help kids who are living in various places in the
U.S. and around the world that need computers to access a special computer
network called Peace*Net in order for them to keep in touch with friends and
peers that can understand and feel what each other has been through and is
going through.  Each of these kids are victims of wars or a crisis and have
been through a lot together (family) but is now seperated.  There is NO OTHER
WAY that these kids can communicate with each other because of the expenses of
communication.  The only chance that they have is seemingly through Peace*Net
but even that seems impossible without a computer system to call out with.

     These kids are asking you to donate computer equipment that is still in
working shape to them.  If you have an old 400, 800, XL, or XE computer sitting
around collecting dust, why not donate it to this worthy cause?  It is tax-
deductable and you will be doing a great deed.           

     Why is the Atari Community getting involved in this?  The reason for
this is that Atari owners have a special spirit that NO OTHER computer users
have.  It's true!  I don't believe that this project could succeed if it was
tried with any other computer owning group.  Besides, the Atari 8-bit
computers are WELL KNOWN for being the easiest and greatest computers to
work with.  The ease of use and greatness of the Atari 8-bits is perfect for
the job.

     What is the project EXACTLY looking for in computer equipment?  This
project is looking for any 8-bit computers that you no longer need or feel
that you can donate or sell at a reasonable cost.  Reasonable meaning that you
are selling it for the cause not your cause.  This project is also looking
for Atari printers, modems, or tape recorders, and even disk drives if at all

     What again do you get out of it?  Perhaps a little closer to Heaven, a
good feeling, a tax-deduction, and your name forever in the Atari SIG log
after receiving the results of the project.

     How serious is this thing?  Very serious.  The SysOps and other users
are working hard on arranging this thing.  We are also working on a place
to put together this equipment and show some of these kids how to use the

     If you are interested, do one of the following things:

You can either reply to this message or contact Joyce Brabner (ah881(heading
this project)), Mark Leair (aa338), or Len Stys (aa399).

Thank you.

Atari SIGOps


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