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Article #9 (17 is last):
Newsgroups: freenet.sci.comp.atari.log
From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: Dec.10,1990 Conference - Chet Walters
Date: Thu Dec 13 22:30:50 1990

On Monday, December 10, 1990, the Atari SIGOps announced:

        Well, the Atari SIG had its first significant conference.
Here's what was said in Z*Net:

 =========(((((((((( ==========((( ==(( ==((((((( ==(((((((( ===========
 ================(( ====(( ====(((( =(( ==(( ==========(( ==============
 =============(( =====(((((( ==(( (( (( ==((((( =======(( ==============
 ==========(( ==========(( ====(( =(((( ==(( ==========(( ==============
 =========(((((((((( ==========(( ==((( ==((((((( =====(( ==============
                        Z*NET ATARI ONLINE MAGAZINE
                             December 2, 1990
                                Issue #547
 Ever since Z*Net published an article about the Cleveland Free-Net and
 Atari SIG, users have been calling the Cleveland Free-Net through
 Internet from across the United States and there might also be some
 users from across the world.  The rapidly growing user population has
 enabled the Atari SIG to invade the multi-chat area on Free-Net every
 Sunday night like no other Special Interest Group can.  Last Sunday,
 the Atari SIG had the opportunity to ask Chet Walters of Wizworks about
 his two new products for the ST- ImageCat and Mug Shot.  The people and
 things that helped make Chet Walters' visit possible was Joe Adato of
 B&G Electronics, the Atari SIGOps, the "teleport" option which enables
 other users from different cities who also have a Free-Net to port into
 another Free-Net city at no charge, and to Chet Walters himself who
 figured out how to work the "teleport" and take the time to visit with
 Since many people thought the conference went pretty well and Chet gave
 some good information, a copy of the conference is being reprinted in
 this issue of Z*Net.  In the beginning of the conference, Joe Adato was
 sent questions to ask Chet by users then towards the middle of the
 conference, everyone just asked Chet questions themselves.

 (Chet logs on and Everyone welcomes him to the conference)

  Chet why don't you tell us about ImagCat?

  Image Cat is the COMPLETE graphics cataloguer for the ST!  It
 will catalogue IMG PI# PC# TNY NEO and MAC pics.  We are currently
 working through the code that will print GEM files and also will support
 NIC and ICE icons and I'm working with Nathan Potechin on CVG and CRG
 graphics for Calamus users as an upgrade.

  Is it easy to use?
  It does it all for you automatically with a single mouse click.
 Just us the FSEL to tell ICAT where your pics are and go have lunch!
 It's that easy>

  Chet what are NIC and CRG?

  CRG is Calamus Raster Graphics which Calamus saves and loads.
 NIC is NEo desk Icons, bothvversion 2.05 and 3.0.

  What are ICE?

  ICE are DC Desktop icons.  Those are planned for ICAT version 2
 due out early next year.

  FROM the sound of it are there any graphic modes that it won't do?

  Suggest some.  Some folks have asked for Encapsulated PostScript
 but I would have to write the equivalent of UltraScript to do that so I
 doubt if anyone would want to pay the price.....

  Do you have any idea what it will be priced at?

  Yes, for a nominal fee.  The new version will sell for $34.95.

  That sounds very reasonable.

  The upgrade for registered users will be between $7.50 and $8.50.

  I'm sending my money as soon as we log off!!!

  No!  It's not released yet. Please wait for a notice!  It might
 get lost.  Please wait till you're notified.  MUG SHOT is about ready.

  Ok, MUG SHOT!  What does it do. I still have not been able to
 accurately describe what it does.  It makes things from parts mostly
 faces.  It works like the thing that police departments use for
 sketches.  You put hair, mouth, nose, eyes chin etc all together and
 can interchange parts to make millions of different things.

  There are three police departments in the Cleveland area that are
 looking at MugShot right now.  Is MugShot almost ready?

  Joe, the drawing tools are about a week and a half from shipping
 in fact the manual supplement goes to the printer tommorrow!

  Other than the face parts that come with the program will there be
 any other faces?

  Yes, we have a Mr Potatoe head file ready to ship.  One of our
 artists is working on a more modern cartoon file and Monday we are
 picking up from the FBI here in town over 6000 actual criminal faces!
 The 6000 most wanted in the USA!

  To set up a MUG SHOT system will police depts. start at ground
 zero by digitizing criminal?  Kind of like the fingerprinting system?
  Ok, yes, for a vertical application, we will be able to take
 the actual files from the police and digitize them.  That will be for
 MUG SHOT PROFESSIONAL and will entail an 8 MEG TT and at least a 44MEG
  Will the police dept. digitize their own pics?

  That's up to them.  We are researching the methods used to type
 faces and will have the ability to make types from our existing files.
 There are really only certain types and any artist knows that.  It is
 not really feasable to digitize known criminals once the part are
 already available.

  Are you saying that the files will need 44 megs to hold them?

  Yes, Joe, 44 megs. Possibly a 770meg CD disk.

  If Atari is, as of now, going to release the CD-Player why not put
 it on a CD?

  Well, we are talking with Jim Allen of T16 fame on working out a
 host adapter to hook PC "generic" CD Players to the ST and forgetting
 about relying on old reliable Atari to move product intelligently.

  Can anyone use Mugshot?

  Sure, it's only $39.95 and comes with files to make famous faces
 and some cartoons.  We are planning some data disks and they are only
 $19.95 each for TWO more data files to make different things.  We are
 planning to release digitized pics of folks from the WAACE show which
 includes Bob Brodie, Darlah Pine, Charles Johnson, John E. and many many
 folks that you know from Atariland.  That's a freebie and will be
 uploaded on GEnie and around the country.

  How is MugShot doing?

  Joe, MUG SHOT is doing well.  We just got a deal with a European
 distributor and also with a Britsh fellow.  It's doing pretty well here
 in the US too.

  Of all the types of applications that can be programmed, what
 made you decide to do graphic applications?
  I like graphics.  Just that simple.  I love 'em.  I am a
 frustrated artist.  I have all these images in my mind and I have never
 ever been able to draw.  I can use the computer.

  Does mug shot work in color and mono?
  I think graphically which is why it's hard for me to describe 
 MUG SHOT verbally.  I can show ya though.  Yes, MUG SHOT! works in med
 res and high res and will work in the TT native modes early next year.
  Are there any ideas after mugshot?

  Well, do you have any?  How about something you'd like to have
 but don't?  We have some ideas, but they are just ideas.

  Do you think americas most wanted will ever use it?

  That's an intersting thought, but with their budget, they can
 afford the bigger stuff.

  Chet, why not just make a professional package for police and FBI
 and charge them a few thousand??

  That's the idea, Len.  But, we have to get the machines from
 Atari and they are scarce here abouts unless you only want an STe.
  Yes.  IBM has several and it would be nice if there was one for us
 to use.  I know that I could use it.

  I'll have to explore the IBM versions for some ideas.  How's
 about a deal on a clone .

  What about local stations doing similar shows on a smaller

  The idea is there and we are exploring the possibilites.  We have
 hired a retired Cleveland homocide detective to work out the details.
 It's in the works.... 

  is there a possibility for an ageing process for mug shot?

  You can already "age" be adding lines under the eyes and other
 things, but once the drawing tools are complete, you can use them to add
 things.  I just got the five minute warning.  Any last questions?
  is the demo pretty complete?  except for save?

  Yes, it is.  It runs for only 8 minutes but gives a good feel.

  I think what is being ask is a routeen that will take the face of
 a 5 year old and show what it will look like at age 15 or 20?

  Joe, you are asking for mainframe capability.  Several million

  It's been great talking with you.

  thanks for the info chet!!

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 us and we can give you a temporary guest ID to talk at the conference.

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